Splinterland Thrillers: Serpentine of the Flame & Imp Bowman Thriller 1


Splinterland Thrillers: Serpentine of the Flame & Imp Bowman Thriller 1

There are so many players and everyone has different objective of playing the game, Some player plays to complete Daily quest hurriedly and some play to use their ECR efficiently, Most players put "Rumble" and "Skip to Result" and move forward but I love to watch full battle on most of time. When you watch full battle you sometime see some thrilling and close battles and by this post I will like to share my thrilling battles in these post. Purpose of this post is to show you the thrilling battles, not necessarily my wins.

Clickable link to battle below

My Analysis of the battle:
It is really a formidable opponent and level 4 Malric Inferno is pitched against the level 6 Zintar Mortalis. Opponent has nice attack in form of Twisted Jester(Snipe), Skeleton Assassin(Sneak)
Haunted Spirit(tank with Healing power), Spineback Wolf with reach ability.
My team has Serpentine of flame(high swiftness and retaliate) , Spirit miner (magic attack and swiftness), Goblin Shaman(slow and Weaken) and Imp Bowman (having flying ability).

+1 Melee attack given by Malric to my monsters is effectively cancelled by opponent Zintar.

If you see the battle , this is close battle and Serpentine of the flame was lone survivor with 1 mana health left.

Tip/trick learned from this battle.
Even Serpentine of the Flame survived the battle and Imp Bowman is also equally impressive as it escaped 2 hits from Skeleton Assassin but I still think one of the factor in my win is "targeted" attack to opponent tank where I opponent was targeting my multiple monster same time using sneak and Snipe.

Idea was to take all high swiftness monster, target and take down the opponent tank in round 1 and due to blast opponent second in command will be also down.

Did team is planned purposely or luck by chance?
Imp Bowman was planned purposely at end to target tank instead of kobold miner that will do sneak attack.

Since opponent Sneak attack missed it twice, so here you can say purpose and luck combined well.

Who is real hero according to you?
I feel that Imp Bowman is outstanding with Serpent of the flame but I like to know what are your thoughts.

Feel free to share one of your also
If you have one outstanding battle like this, please share with me.

Link to the battle

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