Splinterlands: How I invested HBD pump in Splinterlands.


Splinterlands: How I invested HBD pump in Splinterlands.

I regularly convert my HBD into Hive so when HBD pumped, then I really do not have much HBD, I checked internal market and do converted HBD into Hive but internal market is no way reflecting the picture tat I am seeing in coingecko regarding the HBD price.

I still found 5 HBD lying on another account and I decided to go for credits in Splinterlands as they were giving me the same price that I was seeing in coingecko.
Only downside is that these credits are non refundable and I have to buy something from them.
I am currently keep these credits in my account as I have lot of CHAOS packs to open.

Once I will be done with them then I will think where I will invest in SL.

In case of Hive pump, same can be done.

Splinterland's : My Day Today

Rewards for account saachi

I opened 6 Gold chest for below rewards.

Rewards for account r1s2g3

I opened 3 Diamond chest for below rewards.

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