Splinterlands: How satisfied are you with season rewards


Splinterlands: How satisfied are you with season rewards

So in last concluded season, I played with 2 accounts and in 2 different leagues, one in Diamond league, other in Gold league.

So Diamond league account accumulated 82 Diamond chest and below are it's rewards.

I was expecting a nice rewards as I felt 82 diamond chest will really got me some nice cards but Look like it did not happened,
Average chest pull come out as 14 cents and I felt it like a acceptable figure.

As for my second account goes, I pulled 92 gold chest with total value of $4.97 anf it make average of 5.5 cents per chest.
As it clearly shows having Diamond chest is more beneficial and may in next season , I will switch second account to Diamond or may be not because it is easier for me to collect Gold chest.

But total of these chest come to less then $17 for 18 days long season, that put less then $1 in per in season chest look little disappointing but I guess , I will better luck in next season chest.

Splinterland's : My Day Today

Rewards for account saachi

I opened 5 Gold chest for below rewards.

Rewards for account r1s2g3

I opened 11 Diamond chest for below rewards.

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