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Hi All,

Todays battle of the day showcases how bad @ss the water splinter can be when you have some op legendary cards and enough mana to use them. It was a close battle for a while but I was able to pull through in the end.

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I decided to go with bouts as a summoner thinking in the event that my opponent choses the water splinters as well i could gain the edge by not allowing my opponent to have higher magic attack than the normal card would have.

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First Position
Since I decided to lead with bortus as a summoner the only choice I could choose is Torhilo. With Torhilos void ability he's the idea tank in the first position as he reduces the amount of damage he takes.

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Second Position
I chose Oshannus in the second position due to his ability as well. Oshannus and Torhilo share the same Void ability, so in the event Torhilo gets taken out Oshannus will be protected in the first position from magic attacks.

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Third Position
In the third position I decided to choose phantom of the abyss because his magic attack is insane. And he will be well insulated if he is in the middle of all the splinters. I wanted to make sure that my golden egg was protected.

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Fourth Position
I decided since I had the mana and I already use Oceanus and phantom of the abyss I might as well include ruler of the seas. I wanted to keep ruler of the seas towards the back end of my team Layout, because his blast ability is very useful and it would be a shame if he was wiped out first.

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Fifth Position
Axemaster is in the fifth position because in his level one form he does not have close range which would make him utterly useless to me if he was in the first position. I needed to take advantage of his double strike for as long as I possibly could and if he made it to the first position with all these legendary splinters in front of him there’s just nothing else I could have done.

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Sixth Position
I chose Venari Wavesmith for the last position because I needed her shield ability and wasn't expecting my opponent to have anyone with sneak monsters.

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Round One:
In this round I was a little worried as we have almost the same water splinter layout, but i do have torhilo in the first position so he would be able to slow the magic attacks.

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Round Two:
In the first round the serpent of eld bit the dust and dropped my opponents oshannus up to the first position, I knew it would be a challenge to kill him but once I did it would be all over. I was also concerned about sand warm attacking my splinters in the rear.

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Round Three:
I began to panic in round three as my opponents sand worm and coral wrath taken out my wavesmith and next would be my axe master. the good news is my opponents oshannus wouldn't last another round which would trigger a domino effect.

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Round Four:
In this round im cutting it close as my opponents oshannus has bit the dust, which is a good thing but he did buy sand worm a lot of time to rip threw the back of my layout. the good news is my opponents phantom of the abyss won't last another round and ill be one step closet to taking my opponent out.

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Round Five:
at this point in the battle I knew that there's almost no way that I would loose there's no more obstacles in my way and ive got more than enough bad @sses left to handle any problems that a immobile axmaster and SandWorm could dish out.

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Round Six:
This round was just a formality at this point as sandworm is the slowest of all the splinters on the field, he'd be dead twice over before he could attack at all. thank you for the splinters that sacrificed themselves to get me to his point to bring home the victory.


Link to Full Battle:


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