SPS Earning Report: Day 66 (November 20, 2022)

Hi! @Saydie here, playing Splinterlands everyday.

Today will be the final day if my card rental so to get most of it, I played it until it reaches 44.89% where I get a total of 13 Gold chest. The total battles that I made here is 70 matches where I won a total of 35 matches or 50% of the match. At first, I have good winning conditions that not only did I reach Gold 1 rating but I even go as far as reaching Diamond rating but due to a series of loss when I was midway of my grind, I fall back to 2628 rating. For my season chest, I earned a total of 15 Diamond chest.

Upon opening the chest, this are what I've got:

  • 1 Gold Foil Common Card (125 CP)
  • 5 Regular Foil Common Card (25 CP)
  • 6.809 SPS
  • 18 Legendary Potions
  • 10 Alchemy Potions

Chest rewards gets better compared to the past 2 days of my grinding with 1 gold foil and 5 regular foil common cards with a total Collection power of 150 and SPS also got an increase with 6.809 SPS but still, it's far from the ideal chest rewards that I want to get from a gold chest. The total SPS I get from ranked battles has the sum of 26.375 SPS and when we add the amount I get from chest, the overall total is 33.184 SPS.

After this, I need to rest the ECR of this account for 2 days so I hope that by that time, there are still some cheap rentals so I can do more grinding for this account.

And that was all for today's earning report. Thank you!

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