Are you being stoned at?


I kind of think about the success of Hive and the related apps and it strikes me that splinterlands has been very successful and also helped Hive along the way. So, it is a blessing that Splinterlands chose to remain with Hive and leave the previous chain.

The title may seem odd but it reflects the situation when a successful person/persons/project is being trolled or criticized without any particular reason, sometimes.

In our region. it is said that people throw stones only at a ripe mango tree. Delicious mangoes that hang from the tree attract people and they throw stones to bring it down. Likewise, when a person or a project is successful, it shines through and people can't seem to accept it gladly, and therefore unnecessary criticism or remarks are meant to downplay.


Marks of being successful

Are you being criticized or even discouraged by people who seem to be jealous of your success? Then, yes. You are successful.4

Are you being targeted by others for silly reasons or past mistakes that you would like to forget?


I pity celebrities because they are always being targeted by such groups of people who have no other job obviously. Celebrities may and do deliberate stuff sometimes to attract gossip and there is no denying it but when it goes beyond the line, it becomes a pain and they are left with permanent scars.

How to deal with abuse?


Ignore those who try to pull you down.

Ignore those who try to insult you. Deep down they know that you are better than them.

Ignore the taunts, tease, pokes, and indirect retorts.

Abusive people do not deserve a reply or even a consideration.

If someone tries to use you and you end up helping them and then realize that you were being used for their gain, refrain from contacting them again because they will only be boldened and repeat it again even if you reprimand them because those who are not shy of doing shameless things will do it again and again.

It is no use trying to reform such people who keep on doing mistakes because it will take a miracle to reform them. By ignoring such people, they will try to think about why all are ignoring them and then try to reform perhaps. It is only a hope.

Society can also take up the job of reforming the ones who stray away and it is not through religion. I am not against religion but times have changed and young people need proper guidelines instead of strict rules otherwise they will just run away as fast as they can in the opposite direction.

So, the modern governments should also take care to pen rules that are more suited to today's age rather than still implement rules written for the people a century ago.

Did you know that certain states have ridiculous laws that seem so silly to even read? You can always google it and you will be amazed that such rules are still there.

So, back to the title. eh.
if you consider yourself successful, try and be strong too, ignore the hate and the trolls and the negativity and move on. Be an inspiration to others and lead the way.

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Isn't the more valuable we are, the more they take advantage of us? The biggest fear is that no one wants to take advantage or criticize them. They wanted to pull me down like they were trying to sink a swimming buoy. And I bounce stronger