Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge - Elven Cutthroat in Silver III



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I am still grinding my way back into the game. I have decided to dedicate my focus for a while and see what I can. I am taking what I am winning and buying the cards I think will make the biggest impact. As I rebuild, just a quick reminder, most of my summoners are phantom, with only 1 level 2 per splinter. They are usually the cheapest ones. I am waiting until Choas gets release to see what is the best to pick up and to break my addiction of Beta as they will be removed.

I am currently in Silver 3, with a rank of around 1300. I am capped out with my current power, and will need to upgrade more cards before advancing anymore.

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Weekly Challenge - Elven Cutthroat

Edition: BETA
Rarity: COMMON
Element: NEUTRAL
Attack: MELEE
Abilities: SNEAK


One of my most used Beta cards. The fact that Elven is a Neutral made it one of the most used across all the splinters. Combine that with Sneak ability and high starting speed, it turned into a really dangerous card. I, like many others enjoy making Sneak dominate teams that can crush you before it starts. Getting 2,3,4+ steak attacks on a team really starts to pummel your back line. I will miss Elven when Beta is removed!

The Matchup

  • Spreading Fury: All monsters have the Enrage ability.
  • Little League: Only Monsters and Summoners that cost 4 mana or less may be used
  • Mana Cap: 50

Well - that is a lot to take in. First off, Enrage is really interesting, and can really push the higher damager higher health cards into action. Even with the mana cap of 50, the combination of little league means this is more likely a quick fight, given the reduced health of most cards with 4 mana or less, and the lower leagues.

I decided to go with a heavy lineup of Sneak, and mostly give up on the enrage play hoping to take they all out before it played a factor.



  • Summoner Malric Inferno
    I love my beta summoners. I prefer buffs vs debuffs, at least I feel like I do better with them with how my brain is wired.

  • First position Kobold Bruiser
    I tossed in Kobold in the first position, with the idea of taking an early hit from a high speed attacker. I have been having some losses lately with teams that are playing all speed and get all 6 attackers to run before I get a turn and by the end of the first round I am already down most of my cards. I wanted it to take a hit, and if I get lucky, get enraged and strike back. Given the

  • Second Position Cerberus
    Cerberus is a nice tank for Little League, 4 mana and has self healing, something very rare at this level and the only card in little league that can. My hopes with it being in 2nd is it can survive the first round the after enrage and some self heals stay there the rest of the game.

  • Third Position Elven Cutthroat
    I almost always put Elven before any other sneak or spy card. Why you ask, because it only has 1 health at this level...and so does Serpentine Spy. If they also play a card that has oppertunity, I want them to take out my Elven that does 2 damage, and then I take our their spy card with Serpentine with the higher damage card. It is a bit of a sacrifice, but 90% of my layouts are this way.

  • Fourth Position Serpentine Spy
    Like I said before, just sticking it in the middle and after another 1 mana card to protect is much as possible. With a speed of 3, and 3 damage after the boost, it is usually one of the bigger hitters and the keys to winning

  • Fifth Position Parasitic Growth
    Parasitic growth is another nice oppertunity card, and at 4 mana fits perfectly. It does give 2 health, so while the chances are small, it could play into the enrage game. The biggest downsides are the 1 speed, making it last to go

  • Sixth Position Uraeus
    Great new epic reward card. Looks to be my replacement of Elven going forward. Love this card, 2 Health, 1 shield and sneak. It does give up some speed, and cant be my Serpentine blocker but it will be a great neutral sneak. I assume I will use it as much as elven moving forward. After the boost from Malric, it will also do 2 damage

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Opponent Lineup & Match Play

Not exactly sure what the plan was here. Very similar to me but left 2 spaces open. They did not run out of mana, and they did not run out of cards. There are other cards in Beta that would have played.

They started with Cerberus, then Serpentine Spy, Kobold Miner and then Creeping Ooze. They too also picked Malric, so it appears to be sneak/spy vs /sneak/spy. Bad news for me, the creeping ooze will let them go first since we have the same level cards. Good news for me, I have more card!!!

Round 1

Just like I thought, their. Cerberus attacks and knocks out Koblold Bruiser. Bummer it never attacked, but it took that 3 hit like a champ! The second move also belongs to the opponent, their serpentine spy attacks Elven!!! Another knockout, but elven did its primary task of protecting my Serpentine spy. The third move belongs to me, my Cerberus attacks theirs doing 3 damage. Bad news is it is still in, and now enraged. It now has a 5 speed and 5 damage. Enough to take mine out in one hit. My Serpentine spy does its thing, and attacks their lowest card, their serpentine spy. This gives my first knockout and changes the odds of the match back to my side.

From this point, it only gets worse for my opponent. Their miner performs the sneak attack, but my Uraeus has a shield to absorb the first hit, and this ends their round with no cards left to attack. I still have two cards with turns to do damage. My Uraeus takes a turn and knocks out Creeping Ooze, and by doing so removes the slow buff from my cards. Here is the interesting part of the match. If I had played a sneak card like Kobold miner, I might have lost. By playing the oppertunity card, my Parasitic growth targets Cerberus and knocks it out! If I had taken out their Kobold miner instead, it would have been harder to hit their Cerberus and had a larger probability of missing and losing.

Round 2 - It was over before it started


Not much to say here, one attack and the match was over. It was a good match and might have gone different if they had played a full line up, or I had played another sneak vs oppertunity.


Elven Cutthroat is a great card, and the order you play your cards matter. With the sneak and oppertunity abilities you need to find way to protect the cards you want to make it to the next round. While I would have liked Elven to stick around, I think having it be targeted and taken out to protect a card that is just as fast and does more damage is generally a good idea.