DEC Sky Rocketing!


DEC Sky Rockets!


When I first came to the Hive community it was because of Splinterlands.

I was on YouTube (now I use looking around for the newest games to make income because I was tired of playing games that cost me and didn't give me any real tangible incentives to keep on playing.
And I kept coming across splinterland battles and reviews here and there which didn't seem to appeal to me much and for a while I continued browsing past the videos..

Then one day this wicked Dragon popped up in a corner of a video and started talking about splinterlands and how crazy it was, and this Dragon was making income from the game multiple different ways.
Here is the exact video that caught my eye and got me into the game and am I ever glad!

@clove71's video

So because of that video and the easy-to-follow instructions which allowed me to start playing I ended up here among other Hiveatonians
which allowed me to learn soo much! Its amazing

Now I started purchasing a Little DEC off of the Hive-Enginebecause of the new Dice Packs which Splinterlands released lately.

While I was purchasing the DEC I realized it Sky rocketed. When I first start in August I remember it being at 0.0023 and didn't think much of it other than reading from someone about it Splinterlands didn't do something to fix the problem with DEC it was going to suffer… Shortly after by chance I noticed a few changes followed immediately by the release of the Dice packs which can only be bought with DEC.

So That got me wondering… Did they fix what the problem was? Was there ever a Problem? Or did they create a problem perhaps?

I would think it's good for DEC to go up because it helps me want to make more DEC. And Maybe the Higher DEC will help the rentals increase with more traffic. 🙄

Anyways I love being a part of the Hive Community and Will Be Watching DEC closely as the Game is a lot of fun and pretty challenging. I like how I can pick it up and put it down at my convenience without losing anything I put into it.


Exciting times for Splinterlands and DEC. And there is so much more to come.