I am alive challenge / one day as a shark DAY 32


Pizza delivery and game night!

My wife and I got some pizza delivered and played a couple rounds of a game called Azul that we really like. We played two games overall. I won the first one and she won the second one. We had pretty similar points both times, though.

The pizza was from a place we haven't tried before that is actually really close to our house. It was called Marco's Famous Pizza or something really similar to that. It was good! Old school pizza that comes in a bag, cut in squares. Nice and cheesy and greasy just ilke the Pizza Gods intended.

Splinterlands Update: strategically taking a profit

You know what they say, remember to take a profit. Don't get too greedy. Or whatever. Sometimes, I'm not sure it's "greedy" to HODL... so the statement doesn't really make sense. But whatever. I decided to sell a few cards, even though I know it's technically foolish right now.

Splinterlands GIF from tenor

Which cards? A few alpha and beta singles that I bought for fractions of what they're worth now. Why would I sell them? Well, because I do need to take some funds out for real life expenses, and realistically I have no chance of ever maxing those cards out or even getting them to good levels. I have a better chance of buying one that is already maxed out or at the level, if that makes sense. That's the only way you can still get somewhat of a deal on the other series of cards. Per card prices out very high, though. Cheech and Chong high.

Rising Star update: Festival World Tour stops in Germany

In real life, I have played concerts in all of the countries this Rising Star tour is going to. I've played many shows in Germany before. Any time I've headed over the pond for a tour, it's always been based in Germany.

I'm just about at level 63 in the game. I am still working on getting to level 65. Sometimes, I kind of forget about the game, so it could certainly be going faster. I could probably set timers to go off when my missions are over, but I wonder if that would be a little too distracting, at least when I'm trying to get work done.

Rising Star gameplay screen capture

Went artsy with the selfie again tonight

This is some style called "silk" in the Pixlr app. It looks interesting!



I hope you had an awesome day!




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