Opening My Fourth Splinterlands Gladius Case



I've now earned enough merits to purchase my fourth Gladius case!

I typically brawl in the Untamed frays, so I didn't experience any difference with the new Chaos Legion expansion. These gladiator cards have oftentimes made the difference in an epic win within the Untamed brawls.

As our guild has continued to improve and put more players into our frays, we have seen our merit rewards increasing. I'd love to get to the point where we are earning a new Gladius case every three brawls.


Let's have a look at what was contained in my fourth Gladius Case:


This opening contains one rare card, one epic card, and three commons.

Qudra Towershead - I am VERY excited to be able to use this card! Unfortunately, with a mana of 10, it may be rather limited in its use. But, the 2 magic & 2 melee attack, combined with 11 health, bloodlust and heal abilities will make this card hard to beat when combined with the Llama summoner!

Bertrol Gobson - This is a decent 2-mana melee attack card with Opportunity ability. However, there are many other better Gladiator cards that could be used and will render this one useless except in the lowest of mana caps.

Krash Wanderford - Another blocker card. I'll have to experiment with this high speed card and figure out some blocker strategies with these Gladiator cards.

Isgald Vorst - This card combines the Opportunity ability with Bloodlust and since Opportunity targets some potentially low-mana cards, this one could be useful for building up its power and health quickly via the Bloodlust.

Alfredo - This is a low mana range attack card that has decent health stats, plus the bloodlust ability. I'm not sure when I would use this, but it would certainly be reserved for very low mana battles.

Brawls Just Finished!

I've been using these new cards in my brawls and they are making a big difference in my win rate. I find that when I face an opponent who does not use Gladiator cards that it becomes quite easy to overpower them quickly and win the battle.

Check out my latest brawl report:

Epic Brawl Battle

I will be posting my new #BrawlReport tomorrow, but here is a sneak peak of a battle I had with one of my Gladiator cards against a player with 5 million CP! While Chimney Wallstop played his part, this battle's hero was War Chaang.


Watch this battle.