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I'm here to share my Battle Mage Secrets blog post for the Battle Mage Secrets Challenge. The theme featured this week is Aimless. In this ruleset, all magic or ranged creatures hit a random target and this also ignores taunt. I will be sharing some strategies that are good to use in this ruleset as well as feature one of my battles under this ruleset.


Strategy For Aimless Ruleset

I feel the best lineups in aimless ruleset involve having more melee monsters as you know who they will target. You want to be the first to be able to focus down targets which will give you a better chance of winning. Personally, I find playing melee creatures with opportunity or sneak creatures to be better in this ruleset. If not, you're pretty much praying to win hence the title of this post pray to win since if you decide to spam magic or range, you're praying you hit the right targets.


The Battle

I played this battle on my own account, shawnnft. The battle link can be found here. This battle is in brawl; the fray is #10 in tier 2 which is silver league untamed and chaos legion sets only. The ruleset for this battle was aimless, earthquake, and stampede. It was a 60 mana cap battle with water and death elements disabled.


Discussing My Lineup


Summoner, Brighton Bloom - I chose Brighton Bloom for this ruleset because it was an earthquake ruleset; this summoner is usually a free win if there's an earthquake and the opponent plays it too. I rented this card on the spot because I found renting on the spot for brawls can help win more battles.

First Position, Mycelic Infantry - I chose Mycelic Infantry to be my main tank. Since the ruleset is aimless, magic monsters won't for sure target him so that shield will be strong against the opponent melee monster infront + reach monster if they played it.

Second Position, Carnage Titan - I chose Carnage Titan to be the second monster. It's a good second tank with reach and double strike. This card is pretty solid if you play it in mid-high mana battles. It gave good extra damage against enemy frontline as well. Remember the tip I gave before was to have more focused attacks if possible.

*Third Position, Quora Towershead - The purpose of this card was to self heal as well as get buffs from the bloodlust if it could kill anybody. Quora is a strong gladius card which is almost played in every brawl battle if possible and it's usually a free win when played.

Fourth Position, Queen Mycelia - The purpose of Queen Mycelia was to set up armor for my team. I wanted armor for my team as I expected the opponent to play some sneak or opportunity or even ranged creatures and this armor could've helped in shielding against those attacks.

Fifth Position, Goblin Psychic - The main purpose for Goblin Psychic was to heal my frontline. It also gave affliction but this wasn't the main purpose but still good if the enemy played triage monsters. The affliction could maybe stop that triage if I got lucky.

Final Position, Chaos Dragon - The main purpose for Chaos Dragon was to fend off sneak mounters as well as give decent damage to the enemy team since it also has blast. I also find this card to be almost standard in mid-high mana battles if you're playing dragon.


Did My Strategy Work?

Yes, my strategy worked. I think Brighton Bloom was my MVP in this battle since it stopped all earthquake damage. I also think the opponent didn't have that great of a lineup. Maybe they were hoping their Uriel would carry. I don't think I would change anything if I had to maybe a lvl 4 Brighton Bloom but it was end of season so they were pretty expensive. I just made do with a lvl 3 one since it was a lot cheaper and almost just as good.


Do I Like Aimless Ruleset?

To answer this, I don't really like this ruleset. With the game already being RNG based and then having this ruleset that makes it more RNG, I don't like it. This is just my opinion but it's sad sometimes when you lose a game because of one lucky dodge etc.


Thank You

If you made it here, thank you so much for reading all the way to the end. I appreciate the support and I hope you learned something new!

If you are interested in trying Splinterlands please use this link here. If you did use my referal link, let me know in the comment section, I will do my best to help whether that be delegating you cards, sending you cards and teaching you how to play. Once again, thank you so much.



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Thanks for sharing! - @cieliss

Excellent battle to demonstrate how to play with Aimless, on the other hand, I would have liked you to cover a little more the strategy itself, detailing more how you thought to play. Still, good post.