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With soul bound rewards coming after the end of this season, I think this is the time to have a look at the best Chaos Legion reward cards. Today I want to discuss about the top 3 Chaos Legion reward cards in my opinion. The top 3 Chaos Legion reward cards are Uraeus, Pelacor Bandit and Conjurer as I feel they are often used and they make the difference between winning and losing. I will be covering best use cases with them along with some tricks.

There were a lot of people covering soul bound cards but I just want to give some of my thoughts on it. I really like how the team is trying to do something to prevent bots from extracting. I did take a look at the new soul bound cards and I think they will really change the meta of the game in all leagues. It will definitely make things more interesting once everyone is able to max their soul bound cards and I'm looking forward to using them myself. This might be the best time for new players to come in and build up their account.


#1 Uraeus

Uraeus is a 3 mana melee neutral card with sneak and poison. This is probably the best neutral reward among the CL neutral reward cards just above Venator Kinjo. It's a must have card for low mana battles and I feel this is probably the most used reward card in all leagues.

In a low mana battle or Little League ruleset, this is a good go to card as sneak teams are dominant in this scenario. Usually you will pair it with Pelacor Bandit or Stitch Leech & Celestial Harpy if water is banned; the summoner would preferably be Kelya and Lux Vega. It can also be paired with fire sneak and death sneak. It's really versatile since it's a neutral card but ideally you want to use it with water and life sneak teams as they have a better low mana tank. Just check to make sure your opponent doesn't own a Mylor or you will pretty much instant lose if you try to play a sneak team against that.

In a Up Close & Personal ruleset, you can use this card to apply poison and hit backline opponents. This is another place you can use this card but it really depends on the mana. If the mana cap is too high, uraeus won't really be the best choice for this ruleset.


#2 Pelacor Bandit

Pelacor Bandit is a 3 mana melee water card with sneak and flying. This card is the best CL reward card for water. Just like Uraeus, it's a must have card for low mana battles.

In a low mana battle ruleset, you can use this card to sneak backline with Uraeus as mentioned before. You want to use this card with Kelya or Lux Vega as the summoner. Personally, I prefer to put Pelacor Bandit behind Uraeus as the flying can help dodge. It's 100% better to put behind Uraeus during an enrage ruleset as it will give a lot of speed and high dodge chance in this scenario.

In an earthquake ruleset, Pelacor Bandit is pretty strong as well if you need a 3 mana filler. It really depends on the mana cap but you can use it in a low-medium mana cap in this ruleset. In this ruleset, it's better to use Quix as it will give access to more flying cards like Chaos Dragon and Void dragon which is really good in this ruleset.

If there's a no magic ruleset along with a fog of war, you can actually put this card in the front. This sounds like a pretty weird idea but it's actually a super good frontline tank with its flying and high speed.


#3 Pelacor Conjurer

Pelacor Conjurer is a 2 mana monster with no attack. It has flying, magic reflect, divine shield and phase. This card is super anti magic and a super good frontline tank in low mana.

In a low mana ruleset, you will usually use this if water isn't available as the tank for a low mana sneak team. Although it's main purpose is to counter magic, it's still good with high speed and flying to dodge melee and ranged attacks. It's best paired with Lux Vega and Grandmaster Rathe.

In an earthquake ruleset, it's pretty good as well since life has access to Uriel The Purifier, Adelade Brightwing, Pelacor Arbalest and Celestial Harpy. In this ruleset you can pair it with Grandmaster Rathe or you can even pair it with a dragon summoner like Quix will give access to additionally flying cards which was mentioned previously.

A trick you can use with Pelacaor Conjurer, is in the target practice ruleset which gives all ranged and magic monsters snipe. You can place this card in the second position and use Chaos Knight in the first position. All magic would have to hit the Pelacor Conjurer while your CHaos Knight could hard tank all the melee attacks.


Thank You

Hope what I wrote today helped and maybe you learned something new. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you start to own a max version of these for yourself if you don't have one already.

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