All About That Magic Life, Episode 4 - Splinterlands

Life's 3 Lethal Ladies

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  • These three magic bad-asses earned me another victory. Also to be fair they weren't alone, they had Shieldbearer, Truthspeaker, and Silvershield Sheriff supporting them--and the help of my favorite Life Summoner, Lorna Shine.
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  • Here's the line up, battle conditions, start/end of battle, and replays for my Life Magic team's latest victory.
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    Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 9.35.28 AM.png
    Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 9.35.48 AM.png
    (Start of battle - above)
    Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 9.36.13 AM.png
    (End of battle - above)

  • Desktop Replay and Mobile Replay

  • Due to the high mana cap, I was tempted to put more magic monsters in the line up but decided to not lean entirely on magic in case my opponent had the Void or Silence ability. In order to protect everyone from Melee damage I added Truthspeaker. Silvershield Sheriff is a good Range monster with decent speed. His 3 Range damage is a pretty hefty attack. Luckily no Water Splinter or Dragon Splinter was allowed so that took both a probably more powerful Water Magic line up and anti-magic Water Splinter team off the tables. Dragon Splinter wasn't available either, which protected by front-line tank from Djinn Chwala's Thorn ability, their Naga Brute's Void Armor ability which takes Armor damage from Magic, Blast Magic attacks from Gloridax Magus, and the killing machine that is Robo Dragon Knight. While I did include a Melee tank and backline Range tank, I was a little worried that they might make an Earth Team with Mushroom Seer and Mitica Headhunter, which would have been a combo of Silence and just Mitica's greater Range damage and Speed -- but in the end the opponent went with Fire and I managed to snag victory without anyone being defeated.

    (Shieldbearer congratulating the Lethal Life Ladies on another victory lol)
  • Another groovy day in Splintelrands!

  • Image Source: Splinterlands website, GIPHY website, and thanks to @saviib for the cool @shortshots sign-off logo below.

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    (@shortsegments, @saviib, and myself started a guild -- The Black Bulls! Check us out!)
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