This post is an entry to the BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! AIMLESS



Description: All Monsters have the Scattershot ability.

Note: This can hit the camouflage monsters too.

The Battle


Battle RulesetsDescriptionInfo
AIMLESSAll Monsters have the Scattershot ability.This can hit the camouflage monsters too.
KEEP YOUR DISTANCEMonsters with Melee attack may not be used in battles.Keep no attack or higher HP monsters in the front. Keep higher-speed Magic monsters with abilities like Flying, Dodge, and Blind in the front.


It was a mid-mana game without melee monsters. Dragon splinter was available so it was an easy choice.

Quix the Devious - My only available max level dragon summoner, but it is a good fit to this rulesets. -1 Speed is almost a good deal, and cause it was a Keep Your Distance game I expected lots of ranged monsters from the enemy. And my calculation was right. So it was a perfect choice.
Pelacor Conjurer - For 2 mana it is a perfect tank. It has good defensive abilities against magic and physical attacks too. I used it quite often.
Void Dragon - Same as the Pelacor, but it has some magic damage too. Ideal off tank or first magic tank.
Venari Spellsmith - Filler of the game, not a bad choice for 4 mana, but maybe this monster was the weakest part of my team.
Djinn Renova - Solid supporter monster with huge damage. Triage is a key ability in Aimless games.
Chaos Dragon - MVP of the game. It has huge magic blast damage (by default has Scattershot so the ruleset did not change anything). If I used magic and the game has enough mana it is my one of favorite choices.
Venari Crystalsmith - Good healer for 4 mana. Nothing special, it was a good fit for this game.

Battle - Replay


Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Yes. The enemy uses a lot of ranged monsters so Quix was a big advantage. Chaos Dragon did a lot of damage and also decreased enemy ranged attacks. So they were the key for my confident victory.

Battle Results


Do you like AIMLESS ruleset? Why or why not?

Mostly like. I am still learning the perfect strategy for these games, but with the Keep the Distance ruleset you can calculate with some expectations from the enemy's team.

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