Another free raffle, seriously?! Lunakari Mistress up for grabs


Our awesome guild is giving away yet another free for all raffle and this time a lucky Splinterlands player will win an Epic Life Card Lunakari Mistress!

Last time unbelievably I actually won the Naga Fire Wizard, this time could be your turn!

To have a chance to win this card, head on to our discord server,

Then go to the channel #card-raffle-freeforall and type /buytickets your splinterlands ID number of tickets

which for this raffle is limited to 1 per each registered user.

Aside from the free raffle, our guild's channel also hosts several other raffles allowing you to win awesome cards for a few DECs, 50-50 DEC raffle, or even packs like Untamed or Dice. Soon you can also bet on SPS, and get ready for this, CHAOS LEGION vouchers when the presale starts!

So what are you waiting for?, Join the channel to be able to participate in these exciting offers! See you there!

Not playing Splinterlands yet? You can sign up using this link

and I will help you out in the game by delegating you a card like the popular Sand Worm for one full season if I see you use my link.