Crypto Talk: Blogging about crypto, especially Splinterlands


With so much happening with @Splinterlands, especially with the airdrop and pre sale of Chaos Legion cards (launched today, October 18, 2021) I want to better understand what I am doing and help others with informational posts and short videos.

Crypto Talk

For those that follow my blog you know I have a series called Art Talk. I am making a new series called Crypto Talk.




Most of my crypto information comes from the chats I have with @jarvie. He is one of the co-creator of @peakmonsters and it's amazing rental system. It is his job to understand the mechanics of crypto and the game. He puts in lots of effort and time and has become an expert.

For some great in depth videos go to Peak Jarvie on Youtube.

In addition to what I have learned from @jarvie I will be searching the internet to find more information such as terms and definitions.

NOTE: I will be sourcing my information. First, because I believe that it is right thing to do and more people should be sourcing their information on Hive!

Second, because then those reading can go to the source and learn more.

I can confidently say that I would not have as much invested in the crypto world if I didn't have @jarvie to help me and talk to me about all of it! Thank you @jarvie for sharing your incredible knowledge.


I will be using Awesome Screenshot to record the videos then uploading them to Youtube.

Why Awesome Screenshot? My #1 reason-- There is a limit of 5 minutes for the basic account. I really want to synthesize the information and keep my videos to 5 minutes or less.

The videos will be on this YouTube playlist Cypto Talk.


My sister (@clark2021) has joined the crypto world recently and I told her I would make some videos and posts to help her understand how to navigate this complex place.

I will be putting the Crypto talk blog posts in Collections on @Peakd. I love this feature. It is like playlists on Youtube and helps you store and access information about one topic quickly.

Crypto Talk Collection

After almost 4 years of consistently blogging I have recently realized that whether it is travel or art posts I use my blogging to understand and learn so I am going to do some posts on crypto, especially as it relates to @Splinterlands, for me and my sister and whomever might find this basic knowledge from an average crypto user helpful.

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