Splinterlands - Progress analysis 15-Sep-2021

Have the pumping trend of Splinterland ended?
And now, it's the time for Consolidation, real players will stay in the game.

1. New players


After reaching the ATH with 13,482 purchased Spellbook on 8-Aug, the number of purchased Spellbook are reduced and dropped to the same level at middle of Aug.
There are 2 main reasons for this reduction in my opinion:

  • Stop using Credit to buy Quest potion
  • Too many players but rewards pool doesn't change. So player receive less DEC for each match. I could receive ~30 DEC/match in Bronze I last month but now I only can receive ~13 DEC/match with the same rating

2. Daily active players


Daily active players continues the increasing trend but I can see the increasing pace will be slow down in the coming weeks as the reduction of new players.
Splinterlands still remains the 2nd place of top blockchain games, following DappRadar, but the number is very close to the 1st place. So I believe Splinterlands will get the 1st place in next week.


3. Card purchase


The number of purchased cards are reduced after new reward card announcement. People was waiting for the new cards and updated meta with new cards then start purchasing card again.
This is the reason why the number of purchased cards increased again, after new reward cards are released in the game.

There is a good news that players can use SPS to buy CREDIT now.
With it, we have more use cases with SPS and it's one of the reason of SPS price pumping.

P/S: All my data are taken from PeakMonsters
You also can check another data on this dashboard as well.

If you read this article until the end, I think you already had a Splinterlands account or had a big interesting in this game.
If you don't have any account, appreciated if you can use my referral link and join the game with me

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