I am thankful for the HIVE community


5 years ago when I first joined this community, there were only a few hundred people posting!

Now look at us!!

I may have been FAR ahead of my time when I posted about NFTs and the Metaverse being built on Hive over 5 years ago. The future HIVE Digital World

Where I said

"The idea of a Second Life style platform with an economy/marketplace that uses the Hive Dollar and the Hive community!

Where we could use the blockchain technology to build a digital virtual world.

Things like land, clothes, and other commodities would be created in the blockchain, and would not be able to be just created or copied. There could be limitations for our online avatars to incentivize things like transportation and regional limitations.

This can be a place where we can all virtually meet in this new "Hive Digital World"

How can we be different?

Now unlike the times of Second Life we now have a great technology re-emerging called Virtual Reality (VR).

With VR and AR taking over the entertainment markets.. I think it would be crazy for Hive to NOT get on board as well."

NOW look at us!

NFTs have become the most popular thing since Pokemon Go, and Splinterlands has dwarfed Axie Inifinity, and become the REAL Pokemon on the blockchain as I mentioned when I compared them here. Splinterlands vs Axie Infinity

So as you can see, we have come a long way since the make-up tutorial days, and it looks like Hive is setting itself up to become the central hub for Social Media on the blockchain!