My Battle Experience with VENARI SPELLSMITH - Weekly Challenge


Hello Everyone!

How are you all? Hope you all are good and having a great day. I am here with you guys to share this week's battle with VENARI SPELLSMITH for the participation of the Splinterland's Weekly Battle Share Challenge.

Challenge Theme

Edition: Chaos Legion
Rarity: Rare
Element: Neutral
Attack: Magic
Abilities: Dispel

Rules Set for The Gameplay

As usual, I got the same rules set for this game which was Standard: No Modification to the Standard Gameplay Rules and Mechanics. The mana that I was able to choose was 22.

Lineup of The Cards


I had chosen the Fire Summoner for this battle and which is TARSA. It has the ability to provide +1 Melee Attack and +1 Health to all the Monsters.

Monster's Lineup


In the first lineup, I had chosen the Living Lava because of its Shield ability which reduces the MELEE and RANGED attacks from the enemy. The Card uses 7 mana power but it has 3 Melee attack power with the heath of 6. Speed is low which is 1 but the Armor saves him to bear two attacks.


In my 2nd lineup, I had chosen the Tenyii Striker which is one of my favorite monsters while playing with the Fire Cards. It uses 5 mana power but in return, it is giving us 2 Melee attacks with the health of 6 and its speed is 2 with the sneak ability which helps him to target the monster of the enemy.


In my 3rd lineup, I had chosen the Venari Spellsmith which has the DISPEL ability (When this monster hits an enemy, It clears all the positive effects of the monster). It uses 4 Mana power and provides 1 Magic Attack with the health of 2. It has 2x Speed which allows him to attack quickly.


In my 4th lineup, I had chosen the Chaos agent. It doesn't have any specific ability but its 2x speed and the 1x health helps to block some of enemy's attacks


In my 5th lineup, I had chosen the Radiated Scorcher. It also doesn't have any specific ability but the use of 1 mana with 2x Speed and 2x Health helps the other monsters to skip some attacks. It has 1x Melee attack but it can only attack when he faces the monster.

The Battle Beguns

Reference of the Battle

The Battle Begins and the opponent chooses the Earth Cards against my Fire Monsters. The Earth Cards are powerful if you use a maximum of the Magic Power but I got lucky that the opponent didn't use the magic monsters.

Round 1:

In round one, My Tenyii Striker attacked the last monster of the enemy which just had 3 health and died with the first attack. All of my monsters were saved.

Round 2:

In round two, My Tenyii Striker again attacked the last monster (2nd last) of the enemy which just had 3 health and died with the first attack but this time my Chaos Agent died.

Round 3:

In round Three, The Tenyii Striker again attacked the last monster (3nd last monster) of the enemy which also had 3 health. He did not bear the
attack and died on the spot. My all the monsters were saved till the end of round 3.

Round 4 (Last Round):

In this round, my monsters killed all the enemy's monsters. Just one of my "Chaos Agents" died in this battle but all the other Monsters were saved.


The Venari Spellsmith's magic attack helped in reducing the enemy's health which was so helpful for my other monsters to kill the enemy's monsters. The Dispel ability is also very useful for removing the positive effects from the enemy's monsters.

Thanks For Given Your Precious Time to My Post