Splinterlands is a blockchain-based collectible card game. Collect digital assets, battle thousands of other players, and win crypto and other rewards!

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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
393 045.371500 SPT
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards.
0.000000 SPT

Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
Hive can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
19 897.541 HIVE
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards.
Part of steemmonsters's HIVE POWER is currently delegated. Delegation is donated for influence or to help new users perform actions on Hive. Your delegation amount can fluctuate.
818 065.313 HIVE
(-66 649.042 HIVE)
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.

Hive Engine Tokens
5,967 ALPHA1,027.21(1,547.10) BATTLE1,150.10 BEE3(2.70) BEER42,531 BETA172.105(119.529) BPC4.992 BUILD2,298.161(1,297.862) CCC29.49 CHARY1.585 CTP357,918,251.835 DEC7,500 ENTRY3.922 LASSECASH120.097 LEO1,805.517(1,905.455) NEOXAG13,101 ORB566.802(959.708) PAL1 SAND0 SIM249,534 SLDICE8.110(8.110) SPACO325.512(24.732) SPORTS64.068 SWAP.HIVE788,287 UNTAMED0.714(10,262) WORKERBEE


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19 hours agoIssued 1.721653 SPT
yesterdayAuthor reward: 1.686322 SPT for steemmonsters/re-mad-runner-qgxoaf
yesterdayAuthor reward: 0.013167 SPT for steemmonsters/re-share-your-battle-comparte-tu-batalla-20200919t204055z
yesterdayAuthor reward: 0.022164 SPT for steemmonsters/re-spinterlands-card-feature-the-flesh-golem-20200919t203748z
2 days agoIssued 1.790219 SPT
2 days agoAuthor reward: 1.790219 SPT for steemmonsters/re-splinterlands-share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-theme-flesh-golem-20200919t040357z
3 days agoIssued 1.802499 SPT
3 days agoAuthor reward: 1.773640 SPT for steemmonsters/re-it-was-one-of-the-first-loves-ever-20200918t151730z
4 days agoAuthor reward: 0.013754 SPT for steemmonsters/re-elianaicgomes-qgtd9f
4 days agoAuthor reward: 0.015105 SPT for steemmonsters/re-from-the-roots-of-sambuko-eng-ita-dalle-radici-del-sambuko-share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-flesh-golem-20200917t053549z
5 days agoIssued 109.723215 SPT
5 days agoAuthor reward: 109.575269 SPT for steemmonsters/re-monster-curator-qgr8qq
6 days agoAuthor reward: 0.147946 SPT for steemmonsters/re-soulstorm-is-decisive-to-defend-the-dead-against-the-infernal-hosts-20200915t104338z
7 days agoIssued 2.357006 SPT
7 days agoAuthor reward: 1.823381 SPT for steemmonsters/re-who-knows-what-it-will-be-like-in-the-end-20200913t225451z
10 days agoAuthor reward: 0.028272 SPT for steemmonsters/re-the-storm-is-approaching-run-for-cover-eng-ita-share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-soulstorm-20200910t220411z
11 days agoAuthor reward: 0.505353 SPT for steemmonsters/re-suprememagus-qgfcoa
15 days agoIssued 3.515353 SPT
15 days agoAuthor reward: 1.722435 SPT for steemmonsters/re-will-it-be-a-pleasant-discovery-20200905t211411z
16 days agoAuthor reward: 1.792918 SPT for steemmonsters/re-mad-runner-qg6w7o
16 days agoIssued 4.110503 SPT
17 days agoAuthor reward: 3.872921 SPT for steemmonsters/re-coolguy123-qg4d4f
17 days agoAuthor reward: 0.177489 SPT for steemmonsters/re-suprememagus-qg491u
17 days agoAuthor reward: 0.060093 SPT for steemmonsters/re-blumela-qg43bt
17 days agoIssued 87.719697 SPT
17 days agoAuthor reward: 87.719697 SPT for steemmonsters/re-monster-curator-qg435z
19 days agoIssued 4.379531 SPT
19 days agoAuthor reward: 0.023850 SPT for steemmonsters/re-splinterland-day-18-the-end-of-the-season-ita-eng-20200901t210507z
20 days agoAuthor reward: 4.355681 SPT for steemmonsters/qfzc1o
20 days agoIssued 2.026262 SPT
20 days agoAuthor reward: 1.885722 SPT for steemmonsters/re-really-nice-20200831t230803z
21 days agoAuthor reward: 0.140540 SPT for steemmonsters/re-cesarisaad-qfwnsj
21 days agoIssued 42.562716 SPT
21 days agoAuthor reward: 42.562716 SPT for steemmonsters/re-vcdragon-qfw87l
23 days agoIssued 1.889272 SPT
23 days agoAuthor reward: 1.843393 SPT for steemmonsters/re-finally-something-to-fight-for-20200829t041732z
25 days agoAuthor reward: 0.034163 SPT for steemmonsters/re-splinterlands-card-feature-kobold-miner-20200826t221911z
26 days agoAuthor reward: 0.011716 SPT for steemmonsters/re-jacekw-qfnb5q
28 days agoIssued 2.086371 SPT
28 days agoAuthor reward: 2.057211 SPT for steemmonsters/re-i-was-not-strongly-impressed-20200823t235447z
29 days agoAuthor reward: 0.001063 SPT for steemmonsters/re-splinterlands-flying-dutchman-challenge-20200823t145928z
last monthAuthor reward: 0.028097 SPT for steemmonsters/re-splinterlands-weekly-battle-challenge-captain-s-ghost-20200822t131604z
last monthIssued 3.698054 SPT
last monthAuthor reward: 2.807556 SPT for steemmonsters/re-splinterlands-2-interesting-battles-with-2-different-legendary-summoners-20200820t225622z
last monthAuthor reward: 0.890498 SPT for steemmonsters/re-handtalk5-qfasnm
last monthIssued 1.664392 SPT
last monthAuthor reward: 1.530523 SPT for steemmonsters/re-mad-runner-qfarlc
last monthAuthor reward: 0.133869 SPT for steemmonsters/qf9dvc
last monthIssued 6.043521 SPT
last monthAuthor reward: 6.043521 SPT for steemmonsters/re-coolguy123-qf82jm
last monthIssued 1.690977 SPT
last monthAuthor reward: 1.690977 SPT for steemmonsters/re-sometimes-an-error-of-assessment-can-also-be-there-20200817t001025z
2 months agoIssued 392766.590259 SPT
2 months ago{ "account": "steemmonsters", "id": 76961971, "int_amount": 392766590259, "precision": 6, "timestamp": "2020-08-13T14:59:31", "token": "SPT", "trx": null, "type": "liquid_airdrop" }
3 months agoAuthor reward: 0.007144 SPT for steemmonsters/re-bji1203-qbs3t5
4 months agoAuthor reward: 96.547818 SPT for steemmonsters/re-rentmoney-qb796s
4 months agoAuthor reward: 2.650435 SPT for steemmonsters/re-yonilkar-qaz0nk
4 months agoAuthor reward: 96.526155 SPT for steemmonsters/re-rentmoney-qay1g9
4 months agoAuthor reward: 0.404328 SPT for steemmonsters/re-d-zero-qay10j
4 months agoAuthor reward: 0.738810 SPT for steemmonsters/re-libertycrypto27-qasktj
4 months agoAuthor reward: 0.699607 SPT for steemmonsters/re-libertycrypto27-qasksf
4 months agoAuthor reward: 0.719067 SPT for steemmonsters/re-libertycrypto27-qarp1d
4 months agoAuthor reward: 1.113442 SPT for steemmonsters/re-mad-runner-qanbj5
4 months agoAuthor reward: 0.000014 SPT for steemmonsters/re-davemccoy-qaganh
4 months agoAuthor reward: 0.361687 SPT for steemmonsters/re-d-zero-qafssf
4 months agoAuthor reward: 2.074018 SPT for steemmonsters/re-coolguy123-qae0p3
4 months agoAuthor reward: 2.161018 SPT for steemmonsters/re-coolguy123-qads80
4 months agoAuthor reward: 2.230157 SPT for steemmonsters/re-yonilkar-qaam7g