How to Play Splinterlands: Ultimate Guide for Beginners


Cryptocurrency and modern technologies, including blockchain, are becoming more popular every day. Today it is possible to pay for goods and services with digital assets and even create your own resources and games.

Splinterlands is a shining example of such a game. The release of this product took place back in 2018, and since that time, the game has only become more popular.

It should be noted that it enjoys quite impressive popularity among the target audience. On average, more than 50 thousand people launch it per day, which indicates the demand. Hive Blockchain is a base for the project’s development, and the original name was slightly different namely Steem Monsters.

What Is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a collectible card game that challenges you to gather squads to fight other players. For gamers, it looks more like Hearthstone Battlegrounds because one of the main mechanics is the automatic conduct of a battle by artificial intelligence, based on the principle of randomness.

Thanks to the blockchain, players can use not just cards but full-fledged NFTs, which favorably distinguishes Splinterlands from Hearthstone, where there is no marketplace as such.

You can receive income not only from won battles but also from staking dividends. Thus, all project players are able to generate passive income. Although players do not actually participate in battles, they build a deck for the game — this process also requires specific skills and knowledge. This fact makes the NFT game interesting.

The game mechanics are similar to Hearthstone: there are about 300 cards divided into factions, and each card has its own characteristics. Cards can not only be bought and sold but also rented.

Thus, you have to build a deck of available cards (they can always be purchased on the market or found in specialized sets). Then go into a fully automatic battle. According to the battle results, you will receive a reward and experience necessary for upgrading cards.

How to Start Playing?

Registration is available for each user but requires an admission fee ($10). For this amount, the user receives a starting set of cards, which they can use to build their first deck of cards. The decks built are used for battles — if the player wins, they are rewarded with in-game DEC tokens.

To start playing Splinterlands, you must go through the registration process. Here are the key steps to follow.

  1. Open the main page of the project project and click ‘Play Now’

  2. Click on the ‘Create Account’ button.

  3. Fill out a form consisting of one e-mail, which must be entered twice, and accept the privacy policy and the terms of the service.

  4. Click on the ‘Create Password’ button.

  5. Set and confirm the password, click ‘Create’.

And you are done! Now the system will offer you to go through a tutorial on all the main features of the interface and game mechanics. As an introduction, the player will be engaged in a test battle. But if the player already knows about all the mechanics, then the tutorial can be skipped.

How to Use In-Game NFT Cards?

All cards in the game are divided by elements: fire, water, earth, life, death, dragons. It is the element that determines which monsters the player can summon. Each card has specific characteristics: the required mana to summon, attack, speed, defense, health.


All ordinary cards have a similar gold copy. These NFTs do not affect gameplay in any way, but they are extremely rare and visually different. It is because of their rarity that they have a much higher value on the market. The only major advantage of such cards is the ability to participate in Gold Foil Only tournaments, where only decks of golden cards are allowed.

The player only needs to build a battle-worthy deck that matches current trends. The battles take place automatically without the participation of the player. You can familiarize yourself with all available NFT cards on the official market page.

Card Packs Available & Their Purchase

The first pack each player will have to purchase costs $10 and is called the Summoner’s Spellbook. Only after buying the pack, you will be able to complete daily tasks, compete for season rewards, earn DEC, etc.


Further, all other investments can be made strictly at the player’s request. For example, Booster Packs allows you to get five random cards from a specific set (similar to Hearthstone), of which one card is guaranteed to be of Rare quality or higher. You can buy packs for credits and in-game DEC tokens.

How to Buy Cards?

Cards are the central part of the game as they are necessary to build decks for battles. Here are the key steps to buy cards!

  1. Open the market page on the official website;
  2. Use available filters to find the required card;
  3. Click on the card you want to purchase;
  4. After choosing a card, select the currency used for the purchase, and press the ‘Buy’ button.
  5. Complete the transaction. The card will be added to the player’s collection instantly.


In summary, Splinterlands is ideal for Hearthstone fans, as the mechanics in these games are almost identical. In this article, we have given you basic information about the game as well as about in-game cards and their main features. In our next article, you will learn in detail how you can make money in Splinterlands.

Have you ever played Splinterlands? What are your first impressions? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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I am a person who discovered the Hive community in December 2021. I was looking for a new cardgame to play and eventually earn something in. After some research I discovered Splinterlands. Splinterlands is an innovative addition to the play-to-earn games in the NFT world. Previously known as Steem Monsters, the game operates on the Hive blockchain and belongs to the trading game genre. In Splinterlands, players fight against monsters to get in-game rewards.

I decided to pay the $10 after playing some matches for free. 10 bucks for a computergame seemed fair for me. At the moment I'm trying to build out my carddeck by playing the game and participating in the community. At the moment of writing, my $10 became already worth more!

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