Splinterlands Addiction! And problems levelling up...

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Down for Maintenance: This is probably a good thing.

The latest season has just finished so maybe I can get some work done...!

Never saw myself as a gamer of this sort as I've never been into Magic Gathering type card games. The thing that really got me interested in Splinterlands was the NFT aspect to it - I saw it as a good way to dip my toes into the world of NFTs and I liked the fact that they are really only a side-show to the game itself on Splinterlands (as opposed to burning £££££ on gas fees on Ethereum buying random 1980s style jpegs...(what do I know...?!).

Anyhow, this is my second season and I still haven't really got the foggiest what I am doing, yet I find it strangely addictive. I think it is partly my cluelessness that has me hooked as I can see that there are levels of complexity that I don't even know about (yet) - which shows that it has longevity of interest.

Levelling up problems

I was stuck at noobsville Bronze III for ages until I hit a winning streak and got myself up into Bronze II a couple of days ago. My winning streak continued so I blasted right up but my overall power stayed low - due to the "poor quality" of my cards, right? So I think I need to go on a shopping trip but not sure what on earth to buy...? I considered renting cards just before the close to see if I could push up in time but I still haven't got to grips with measuring the power rating of different cards so I made a few random rentals which didn't boost my power up all that much. So I decided to call it a day (for this season).

I am looking forward to developing some ninja-splinterlands skills in the next season.