Splinterland Season Rewards - 11/15/2021

So at the beginning of the season I was a real negative Ned but now I couldn't be more pleased with how this season turned out! Still only in bronze league I am at least lucky to be in bronze league 1 to maximize my bronze rewards and I'm sure I will be in silver league shortly.


With 9 chests to open the anticipation was too much for me to handle! I usually open my rewards when I start my next daily quest but today I just had this feeling so I logged on early to see what was up.


After opening all the chests I couldn't be more satisfied. 123 credits, 3 potions, and 5 cards, yes that's right 5 cards! Over 50% of my rewards we cards and man am I pleased.


VENARI BONESMITH easily my favorite out of all my rewards, I also got GARGOYA LION, PELACOR BANDIT and 2 PELACOR DECIEVER cards. Quite the haul for a bronze leaguer if I do say so myself.

Any how just wanted to share this most recent seasons rewards that I managed to snag, thanks for reading and grind on!