Daily Reward Chests Doing It's Job!


Good to be Back

Good day Splinter friends, I missed you all. 😎😍😘
It's been a while since I posted about my Splinterlands journey. So now here I am again to share my progress in the game.

Many sure will agree that this new reward system is giving us a hard time, but it sure redeems itself sometimes.

It's Raining Chaos Packs

Its been months since Chaos packs have been sold out, and the only way to get those packs for free is thru daily reward chest. Getting packs sure is hard but getting to higher leagues sure helps in acquiring it.

Since the year started I've been playing in Gold to Diamond league, Since then I was not lucky in getting any packs in those reward chests, but recently I'm hitting those gift boxes. Splintelands once again gave me more reason to grind those daily chests numbers up. For a week of playing, I pulled packs in daily chest for five days. Most pulls were from Gold daily chests

I personally observed that most gold foils cards and packs were pulled from gold chest, and larger SPS were given in Diamond leagues


As another proof of that theory just yesterday I pulled another good foil on the best part of it ,the gold foil is a legendary. Not just another legendary but it is one of the two legendary soulbound reward card that is missing from my deck.


This things that I'm sharing are not to show off but to tell everyone that grinding always pays off. As we know many players are now quitting because of the many changes that was done in the game. But for me and many others we still continue to play because we still believe in this project. We are just enjoying the game, and waiting for the time this game to reach it's final form that we all wanted.

My Legendary Collection

Back to my collection of Legendary Soulbound cards, I am now close to completing my collection. Not necessarily at max level but at least having one BCX of each card either at regular or gold foil. Tadaaaaa!!!!!!!!


Now the only missing piece is the legendary card of the earth element, and I'm hoping to get it one of this days.


When that day comes I'll gladly share and celebrate it with you guys, fingers crossed.

My Message for Those Who Believe

So my final message for you my friend, if you are still reading up to this point. First of all thank you for dropping by. Secondly, just keep on playing,someday it will all be worth it. As I always say just accumulate those assets and make your deck stronger, let's enjoy these current reward cards, they're free after all. Someday with these cards help ,we will be able to compete in higher leagues.

That's it for now , hope you drop by again in my next progress update with the game. Happy battling and have a good day. Suteru signing off for now, Ciao!!

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