Splinterlands Soul Bound Reward Cards and A Spicy Take for the Greater Good

We discuss the recent Soul Bound Reward Card proposal and propose a change to the game that, while controversial, could usher in a whole new Golden Era for Splinterlands

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Tales from the Crypt Mancer

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Thank you Tales, for delivering what many if not most of us believe is the way forward. I actually am shocked they would even consider this idea. We have watched bot farms force Splinterlands Devs time and time again to nerf rewards that hurt real players time and time again to protect this bot neutral stance. A stance the vast majority of actual players are against.

Imagine if KYC was introduced and the game was alowed to grow organically and we wouldnt have the need to produce 8 million pelacors and suddenly rewards would go through the roof again because those farmed rewards will go back into the pockets of actual players. Right now bot farms are contuing to grow and grow and grow and this is their solution? Remove the only way for small timers to earn, sell or exchange their reward cards for others? This has all the hallmarks of another terrible 'centralised' decision that will impact players rather than the elephant in the room in the name of decentralisation.

How can we expect new people to stick around if all they can earn is a fraction of a token and that's after they have spent 100s if not 1000s on the game... I have said this since I began playing in mid 2021, if you allow farms to continue they will only multiple 10 fold and dump the price of everything in the game and people will leave. This game could have a million players by now and millionaires would be made daily, instead we continue to cater to bot farms at the ever growing expense of the individual, the very individuals who are continuosly losing incetives to continue to re-invest.

If this passes, I would expect another massive exodus of players who just wont be able to see any value in this game as a viable p2e. I would also expect to see a massive drop off from players who have heavily invested as they decrease their continued investment and the game would be left in an even worse state.

KYC would all but end bot farming, but more importantly the gains would go back to indivdual players!

Imagine 30k players sharing the current prize pools...
Imagine people getting hyped at seeing such crazy returns and want to invest again to get to more lucrative payouts in higher leagues where only a few hundred are fighting for 15k or 20k prize pools.
Imagine them telling their friends how they are making 5-10 SPS a battle win again in Gold league.
Imagine what it's like to see only 500 pleacors being produced daily as opposed to 10k as the player base begins to grow with the hype.
Imagine seeing the market sales at 450k daily again and your $3.50 Marlic inferno back at $80. Or your $300 lvl 1 Yodin at $1000.
Imagine what really happens when you let a game grow organically free of bot farms. Just Imagine....I'd happily shut down bots accounts and do KYC for that in a heartbeat! Bot defending compatriots need to realise they could be 10 or 100x better off what they are now without bots if they could only imagine...