The Easiest Way to Boost Your Power to Level Up in Splinterlands

In Splinterlands, my level is Bronze III and the number of chests I will open at the end of the season is 5. But I can get to the next level according to my rating score, but my strength was not enough for that. If my power is 1000, I can rise to Bronze II and open 7 chests at the end of the season. I want to finish this season as Bronze II, but I need to have the cards to increase my power. And I found the solution, I'm writing this post to help those in similar situation.


I started searching the cards in the market to get 1000 power. But there are so many selling and renting that it is very difficult to examine them all. That's why I felt it was more logical and easier to get 1000 power with a single card. That's when I started to study the Legendary cards, so I could exceed 1000 power with the Legendary card.

But the cards are too expensive for beginners like me so I decided to just rent. There are a lot of players who rent their cards and I knew it would be possible to find the best for the cheapest in such a big market. I did a quick search and found a legendary card for incredibly cheap. I only spent 3-5 minutes looking for this card, I didn't expect to find it so soon.



I just rented the LEGENDARY Dragon Monster Diamond Dragon for a day for 9.95 DEC. Diamond Dragon made my power increase by 1000. I got to Bronze II by increasing my power with just one card and today I will be able to open 7 chests. Maybe if I wandered around the market a little more, I could rent a card at more affordable prices, but I didn't have much time. The Splinterlands market is incredibly large, so instead of buying or renting right away, do some research and you'll find the best for the cheapest. I hope this article helps players in a similar situation.

Splinterlands continues to grow rapidly and the number of registered accounts has exceeded 500 thousand and is rapidly moving to 1 million. Therefore, the number of players selling or renting cards in the market is very high. For this reason, you need to make a good review and act quickly when you find an opportunity price.