She holds her own at the back: NERISSA TRIDAWN - Share your battle challenge.



The plan for this account was to bring you daily hints and tips for the best blockchain trading card game - #splinterlands. But like the most well laid out plans.... they always go south!! Never mind, were back now, and what a better way to showcase some of the most deadly combinations of cards to use in the game, than by showing an amazing card combo in this weeks SHARE YOUR BATTLE CHALLENGE


Nerrisa Tridawn is a part of the water splinter and with her offensive power being magic, shes best paired with a summoner that can add to her already impressive stats. That leaves me with 3 choices when picking my summoner for a magic battle; ALRIC STORMBRINGER, VALNAMORE or the "Dragon summoner" DELWYN DRAGONSCALE, and since ive left my GoldFoil Valnamore in my other coat pocket, I guess ill be using my lvl 3 Alric.


Costing a high value of 9 Mana, she does account for a large chunk of any battle mana, but in the higher games, I always try and find room for her and her now 4 (3 +1) magic attack.

This is my pretty much go-to line up whenever mana games are 54mana and more:


Ill show the same game strategy against two higher level summoners and show how this system is pretty hard to beat.

Watch the battle HERE

With my lvl 1 "The Kraken" sat in the first position taking the first rounds of hits, it kept my other monsters free from damage and good to rain magic attacks without threat of being taken out.

This battle was pretty one sided and only good at demonstrating the sheer fire power of this lineup, and not a very good example of the true genius of this style of setup.

Watch this battle HERE

This next battle wasca little more tricky and better demonstrated how the setup of your cards is just as important as what cards you have set up!

The Kraken once again was the main focus of attack and with the oppositions -1 magic ability, it slowed the final outcome down but didnt change it.

When the Kraken falls, the very fast, high health DJINN OSHANNUS steps up yo be a decent tank. Plus with his additional speed +1 abili3from the SPIRIT MINER, he dodges most attacks better than most.

This is where having NERISSA TRIDAWN as a tail-gunner is priceless. Shes definitely not the quickest and i dont think shes ever managed to dodge attacks since ive been using her, but her health at the back stops most sneak attacks from breaking through that way.

A pretty solid team to beat. It is possible, and my set up is always dependant on my opponents preferred line up, but for most battles at this level, its a dependable WIN for this team.


Whats your thoughts?? Would you add or chance any of the magic monsters if you had to pick a team?


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