Splinterlands 101 - Abbreviations


Let's make this short. Abbreviations sucks (at least for newbie like me). I decided to go the long way to gather info and summarize the most-used abbreviations in @splinterlands so you don't need to.
Below are the most used abbreviations in the world of #Splinterlands, the Official Discord Server, and most posts about this game, filtered from A-Z.

(Long Form)
Brief DescriptionRead More
AMAAsk Me AnythingA weekly event held by @Splinterlands founders, where players can ask them anything.Discord AMA Channel
BCXBase Card eXperienceEvery single card that is found in either a Loot Chest or a Booster Pack is 1 BCX, meaning that it has not been combined.SPL Documentation
CLChaos LegionA new Booster Pack scheduled to be released Q3 2021.SPL Shop Page
DAODecentralized Autonomous OrganizationThe Splintershards token will be set up as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO via a series of smart contracts which will be published on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform.SPS White Paper
DECDark Energy CrystalsPrimary in-game currency.SPL Documentation
DQDaily QuestOnce in every 24-hour period, players may complete a Daily Quest that is assigned to them from a random rotation of official Daily Quests.SPL Documentation
ECREnergy Capture RateECR is a fluctuating player statistic that limits the amount of Dark Energy Crystals that can be earned for a given Ranked battle.SPL Documentation
FAQFrequently Asked QuestionsNo description requiredSPL FAQ Page
GFGold FoilAll cards are available in a much more scarce Gold Foil variation that offers bonuses when playing and for which fewer cards are required to level up.SPL Documentation
GFLGold Foil LegendaryAll Splinterlands' players' dream.-
IGNIn Game NameYour username in the game.-
MT / MTNMaintenanceNo description required-
NFTNon-Fungible TokenNo description requiredSPL 101 - tedus
P2EPlay to EarnNo description required-
PVPPlayer Vs PlayerNo description required-
QPQuest Potion1 Potion = 1 Quest = 5 additional Loot Chests.SPL Documentation
RCResource CreditsEnergy required to do a transaction in Splinterlands' HIVE blockchain.SPL Documentation
RNGRandom Number GeneratorMany aspects of Splinterlands involve random (RNG) chance events, such as opening booster packs, opening loot chest rewards, certain aspects of battles, and more.SPL FAQ Page
SL / SPLSplinterlandsNo description requiredSPL Referral Signup Link
SPSSplintershardsSPS is the official governance token for Splinterlands.SPS White Paper
SPTSplintertalk TokenSPT is the second layer blogging reward token of Splinterlands.SPL Documentation
TLDRToo Lazy, Don't ReadNo description required-

How to Start Playing Splinterlands?

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Nice list - and I assume very welcome for newcomers. We are so used to those abbreviations that we sometimes forget newcomers are unfamiliar with them.

One thing I do find funny, though: TLDR - I always read that as 'too lazy, didn't read'. It's good to see that i'm not the only one who does that. It's actually : too long, didn't read... but I prefer the one with 'lazy' in it ;0)


Exactly, I was dumbfounded during my first few days of joining the Discord that everyone is using abbreviations there.

Oh I also always thought that it's "Too Lazy" hahahahahahaha....