Rely on witches


Always for me, the wizard is the most important monster in this game because he traverses all shields and hits the heart directly, and this is what I like the most about him, so I use them in many of my battles and I often win them all. What are the best decks and when should we use the yacht and when should we not use it? All this you will find out in the rest of the blog.

Let's get started

In the beginning, as I always say, one of the main things that all players should do is look at the opponent's battle record and try to predict which team will use the opponent, and after you see the opponent's battle record, you can choose the team that you will play with based on that.

For example, if you see that your opponent usually uses the fire team, death team or life team, then you can use magicians because these teams are very weak against magicians.

But if you see that your opponent uses the Earth team and uses this monster "UNICORN MUSTANG" as the first attacker, then you should not use the magicians team at all, especially if you have weak magicians because this monster has a wonderful ability against magicians, which is "void" and this ability reduces the The danger of magicians and the magician's blow is divided in half, and that's why it is very difficult to win if your opponent uses this monster against you, and this is a link to a battle that I did not expect my opponent to use this monster against me, but he used it, watch what happened:

Also, if you see that the opponent is playing with the water team and this summoner uses "BORTUS" and this attacker uses "TORHILO THE FROZEN" then it is impossible to win against him using magicians because the summoner reduces the blow of each magician by 1 and this monster has the ability to "avoid" and This makes it impossible to win against him using magicians.

The most important magic that you should use

In the beginning the most important summoner that you can use with magicians is "ALRIC STORMBRINGER" This summoner gives extra hit power to all magicians and this is a super ability.

These four magicians are available to each player for free, meaning you do not need to hire them because they are also available to you, so you can rely on them a lot if you are a beginner in this game.


This is a link to a battle in which I used these four witches:

There are also a lot of magicians who have amazing abilities but you will definitely need to hire or buy them.

One of the best magicians in the water team that has a low rent is "VENARI WAVESMITH" This magician is very great because it has a super ability and is to give two shields to all the monsters with him in the team, this makes ita great magician and that's why I use it in a lot of my battles.

Venari Wavesmith.png

This wizard "LOBSTRADAMUS" is also very cool and any player can hire him because it has a low rent and I use him a lot in my battles because it has a good heart which is 9 and it also has a great ability which is "shield" and this ability reduces the hit of the monster it hits on, it amazing monster.


This "PRISMATIC ENERGY" monster is also very necessary if you expect that your opponent will play against you using magicians, because this monster has the ability to reverse magic and using this ability, this magician reverses the blow of any magician who hits it.

Prismatic Energy.png

Here is also a link to a battle in which some good magicians were used, you can watch it:

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magic monsters are always my favorite in battlefield. keep playing splinterlands and play awesome contents.