Opening 5 Splinterlands Packs - Keeping Some For Long Term Hold - Skunked On Opening


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What's happening out there in the Splinterlands? Well tonight I am chilling and was chatting with ole @nulledgh0st about some Cosmos validator action and then we started chatting about Splinterlands and buying up some card packs before they sell out on the general sale...

Well I went head and bought up a bunch of credits using some stacked DEC and bought 25 packs.

I decided to open 5 packs and hold 20 for long term holdings. Not only will I earn SPS on the airdrop, but after the general sale is over, they will only be available on secondary markets so I will see about flipping some card packs!

Anyway, I pretty much got skunked on these 5 packs. Didn't get much. The last pack ended up being okay with a couple of rares and a gold foil Life Sapper. I used potions on all cards and still only came out with the one gold foil. It is what it is at this point. Beyond this, I am sticking to my previous strategy of purchasing individual gold foils and renting them on the market and playing with the general stack that I have until I need more powerful cards.

Well that's it for tonight. I am going to play some battles tomorrow at some point but have allot to do work wise. I may end up mixing it up and putting my Splinterlands and other gaming action to the end of the night as a fun way to wind down for the evening... We'll see, I haven't been great about sticking to my schedules so far, lol. Makes it all seem like work when I do that, lol. As long as I keep showing up and doing what I am doing, I can only hope everything will grow!

Until tomorrow...
Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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Win some, lose some! I'm tempted to crack open a few more packs myself haha, been trying to siphon the packs out as soon as I buy them so I don't, but :P