My Favorite Free Tools from SPLEX

I use at least one of these free tools available on almost every day.


Here are some of my favorites that you may want to try out if you haven't seen them before.

  • Reward Lookup
  • Season Lookup
  • Rating Graph
  • Delegate RC

Reward Lookup

Because I have SPLEX set up to auto-claim my rewards every day (another free feature), I like to log in every day to check what rewards I earned on my daily quest.


Just enter your name and it shows your daily rewards along with your expected EV, median value, and even SPS earned in battle. It even has a button on the right to copy the screenshot to your clipboard so that you can easily share the results with your friends (or enemies).

Season Lookup

The season lookup works like the daily reward lookup. It compiles all of your season rewards, daily quests, and battle rewards into a single view.


Rating Graph

The rating graph tracks your rating progression over the last 50 matches. Enter your name and you can view results for both modern and wild formats. Here is an example from a top champion player.


Delegate RC

If you're new to hive, delegating RC (resource credits) and be confusing. I've found the delegate RC tool from splex to be the easiest for me to understand. With this tool, I can easily see how much RC I have delegated and make any updates.

This tool is especially useful for sending RC to your rental accounts.


I hope you find these useful. They have many more tools and marketplace features, but these are the ones I use most frequently.