DJINN APPRENTICE| A Danger To Untrained Warriors

Seeing the team pick up magic cards as the main monster card for the week always make me happy in some ways I cant even imagine but most time I would always prefer my favourite element. This week splinterland lucky card is Djinn Apprentice from the fire element which is one element I really don't make use of like that except I want to combine it with dragons, Yea I have some good cards in that element but I do feel they aren't strong enough, but when combined with Yodin Zaku or other strong summoner, Fire element can be very deadly. Taking a look at the Djinn Apprentice, it possess the death blow ability at level 6 with some good stat and average health, Death blow ability deal double damage to the last last standing on the opponent side which is a good ability to counter Last Stand ability but I rarely see people use this particular ability

Screenshot 2022-10-14 at 12.20.20.png

battle link

Taking a look at the battle, it was between I and @yakuzayazoo in a 29 mana capped battle where we can make use of all element except life, we were given this two particular rules which are Silence Summoners that prevent summoners from giving any abilities or buff/debuff and also the Broken Arrows which prevent users from using range monster cards. So we were left with both melee and magics cards. In this kind of battle, I do prefer using water summoner and use magic cards the most with swiftness ability so as to increase the speed but I just decide to pick dragon coupled with fire element to balanced it. Since I don't really make use of fire element that much, I had to sit and strategise to know which cards I should pick on board.

Since we wont be using range cards, I thought he might come up with some melee cards and probably lot of magic cards so as to attack directly, I decided to counter the melee cards by using thorns ability card so I picked Djinn Chwala which is one of the strong melee in dragon with thorn and enrage ability, this card is always my frontline, so I backed it up with manticore which also have thorns, flying and also reach ability to attack from the second position, I decide to use Furious chicken next instead of putting it as my backline just to receive damage. Then decide to use two extra magic card as support, one is the main character and also Spirit Miner with incredible abilities which include dodge, swiftness and blind. Left with 2 mana, I decided to add kobold miner to the squad mainly because of the sneak ability even though the card is really weak.

I was suprised when I saw my opponent formation, he use water element and brought in all melee attackers with a tank healing monster cards to support it, He did a lot of damage to my cards but my thorn ability return the damage back which gave me more upper hand in this battle and I destroy his cards while I have 4 cards left. It was a great win for me.