Battle Mage Secrets: Aimless - Scattering Everywhere


Hello everybody, how is it going? It's time again for Battle Mage Secrets. The focus change to Battle Secrets really helps players to explore strategies that other players use and better our gameplay in the future. I thank the team for initiating this change as I do benefit alot from reading the post of other players.

The ruleset of the challenge this week is: Aimless.

Ruleset Spotlight


All monsters have the Scattershot ability.

Abilities/Cards that get shutdown with this rule set
This ruleset shut down taunt. I myself love doing so especially when I have a combo like Mycelic Slipspawn with Spirit Hoarder, Slipspawn absorbs the damage and Spirit Hoarder with the triage ability heals it back. Similar so for Wave Brood which capitalise the same combo. However with scattershot, taunt get nullifies, combo breaks and every card is subjected to the same kind of RNG of being hit. So in a way tanks also will see their effectiveness drop is such a rule set

What thrives with this ruleset?
Blast and Poison. The RNG nature of having Scattershot brings about opportunity have blast to go ahead and wreck the lineup of your opponent. Same goes for Poison, not only inflicting damage to random cards, there is also an opportunity to poison them rather than the usual front line poison. As such, based on this, I strongly suggest to play a higher speed lineup, so that we can land our hits faster before opponent can strike back. Also knowing how RNG things can be, some protection is important, that extra 2 armour given will do some good against the scatter.


With these in mind, let's start to talk about the battle proper.

The Battle

Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 1.35.42 AM.png

Aimless, Stampede
Mana Limit: 31

SplinterMana CostPositionReason
Thaddius Brood4SummonerTrusty Death Splinter Summoner
Harklaw81stTank with shield ability
Corpse Fiend02ndFilling padding, hoping scattershot can land on it against landing other cards
Silent Sha-vi53rdFast hitting snake
Ravenhood Warden44thProtection giver to ensure longer survival in scattershot ruleset
Soul Strangler35thHard hitting range attacker
Lira the Dark76thSuper fast hitting range attacker with 6 speed
Total Mana:31

Opponent Lineup

  • Summoner - Thaddius Brood
  • Position 1 - Night Ghoul
  • Position 2 - Uraeus
  • Position 3 - Revealer
  • Position 4 - Silent Sha-vi
  • Position 5 - Corpse Fiend
  • Position 6 - Soul Strangler

Prediction before pressing rumble
Very similar lineup. But I know the Night Ghoul's taunt will not be effective since it is Aimless ruleset. I have Lira for the speed and Ravenhood Warden for the protection. Hope all my planned strategies will secure my victory.

Battle Synopsis

Round 1, Combination of the range attackers, my lineup managed to bypass the Night Ghoul and take out Uraeus and Soul Strangler. However in the midst of it, my Lira got stunned by Revealer.

Round 2, This round only a single casualty, which is Corpse Fiend which is good as my hard hitters are all still alive.

Round 3, My lineup went rampant again, taking out Night Ghoul, Silent Sha-vi and Revealer.

Round 4, Round started with Lira landing the final blow to Corpse Fiend to secure the victory.

Post Battle Summary
I am really glad because the considerations I put into the lineup indeed worked to what I intended for them. While the lineup chosen by my opponent is similar but there are some aspect which wasn't taken cared of, which allowed my lineup to come up on top.

Harklaw - Sustaining with "Shield".
Lira - Speed Killer
Ravenhood Warden - Lineup protection
Silent Sha-vi - Fast striker

Did my strategy work? Yes it did. I planted sufficient protection, use a generally faster lineup to hit faster than before my opponent did. However, there is something that might break my is when my opponent change to a heavier magic lineup and the protection that I planned for will not be effective against it.

What's the Battle Mage Secret? Speed is key especially in a match that is full of uncertainty. We will not know who will get hit so hitting first will most definitely bring damage through earlier which might take out an opponent card earlier before getting retaliated. Also when we see Aimless ruleset, remember not to bring out the Taunt cards as they will no longer function as intended.

Wrap Up
I hope you guys enjoyed reading my sharing on the rule set Aimless. I would really appreciate it if you liked and/or commented to let me know what are you thoughts.

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Till my next battle sharing, take care, stay safe and happy battling!

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Nice sharing on the strategies.


Thank you!



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