One of the best tanks in Water: Diemonshark



Hello everyone and welcome again!

When I play with Kelya I feel powerful, she is one of many proofs that in Splinterlands there is female empowerment, and one of her best summons is Diemonshark, a card with a fearsome attack and very strong stats, let's talk about this card today.

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In case you don't know it...

Introducing Diemonshark!

Edition: Chaos Legion.
Rarity: Rare.
Element: Water.
Attack: Melee.
Mana Cost: 8 points.


  • Trample at lvl 1

  • Enrage at lvl 4

  • Retaliate at lvl 7

An as the lore says:

Diemonsharks travel alone throughout the stars searching for prey and territory. They are fearsome beasts with lightning-fast reflexes. Diemonsharks are extremely territorial and attack any creature that encroaches on their land. The Chaos Legion trains them as transports for equipment. Since they can travel by air, ground, or sea, they are ideally suited for the task.
“You heard him,” Saldy said with a wave of his hand to Cooper, who stood at the wheel of the little trawler. “Slow ahead.”

Saldy scooped a handful of chum out of the bucket and threw it into the water. Muttering, he repeated, “Slow ahead,” and cast a baleful glare at the ship's cabin, where the captain was. “I can go slow ahead. Come on down and chum some of this mess.”

He turned back to the water. Beneath the waves, something dark and behemoth glided. It rose through the depths until it broke the surface. A Diemonshark. It was covered in armor-like plates colored in purples and blues and tans. It had four red eyes on each side of its head and a mouth crammed full of a wicked tangle of teeth. Saldy's own mouth dropped open, and he stepped backward as the creature continued to rise. Gods, it seemed to go on forever.

He kept walking backward, eyes wide, until he stumbled back into the ship's cabin, where the captain sat with his feet kicked up, smoking a cigar.

“You're gonna need a bigger boat,” Saldy said.

How to use Diemonshark?

This card is a tank in every sense of the word, but unlike many other tanks in the game, this one is thought more to be offensive than defensive, because even in diamond, the Retaliate can counterattack and that is being offensive instead of defensive. It should always be in the first position and support it with cards that repair its armor or heal it, in order to give space to its abilities to hit very hard.


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And for last, my battle!

Round 1.


  • The Lost Magic ruleset makes Diemonshark a spectacular card because its armor is very strong and since there is no magic, that armor is going to be decisive. For that reason and everything I've said so far, I use it as a tank.

  • Flying Squid as a secondary for its powerful attack and as it has Reach, it works perfect as support for Diemonshark.

  • Disintegrator as a third possible tank for its Demoralize ability, so it serves as support and would work as a tank if the case arises.

  • Deeplurker for its opportunism is a very strong card, it has a lot of attack and should always be in a lineup of this type.

  • Mantoid has snipe and I put it to attack Ranged cards, something that in this battle would be very important.

  • The same for Snipping Narwhal with its snipe and its powerful attack.

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Round 2.


The use of the snipe was very decisive, between my two Ranged attack cards they finished off one of the most dangerous of the enemy lineup, giving me a tremendous advantage in the battle.

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Round 3.


The Sand Worm was starting to be a problem but again, my two Ranged cards finished off the Supply Runner by eliminating the speed buff, something very important as well, unfortunately my Snipping Narwhal went down.

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Round 4.


This was the round where it was my Diemonshark's turn to shine, first dodging Sand Worm's dangerous attack and then killing him with one hit and activating the Trample to leave my enemy at a complete disadvantage, in a 4 against 1.


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How was my experience with this card?

This is one of my most used cards when I use Kelya, and I use it a lot, it is a very powerful card that always gives excellent results when you use it, so for me it is a very necessary card in your deck. Also like all the Chaos Legion edition, it currently has a very good market price that should be taken advantage of. That's all for today, I hope you liked the battle, see you in a future post.

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