Representing Splinterlands To A New Audience - New Interview

I was honored to be asked to give my opinion on some big news for VeVe and NFTs with Andrew DeFelice.

Of Course, I started the conversation talking about Splinterlands and even snuck it in a few other times. Even talked about land and Chaos Legion packs.

Watch the video...

I'm a huge fan of a few projects, but my love of NFTs started with Splinterlands. Back when I was still calling then non-fungable tokens like an idiot.

VeVe is a collectable app where you can collect branded NFTs. I've got Batman, Superman, Spider-man, Dr. Doom and the hover boards from the movie Back to the Future 2. Check it out if you're interested.

I also got to talk a little bit about my art and the NFTs that we are giving away on Splinterlands HQ tomorrow night for our 1,000 follower party. I can't wait.

Hope to see you there.

Find out all the information on my new webstite...

Don't forget to sign up for your NFTs at

Thanks for reading! Have a great day.


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