If you're looking for a card to quickly defeat your opponents, then meet Silent Sha-Vi.


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Today I'm going to talk about a card that looks like a snake but are actually entities from the shadow realms that take the form of giant snakes, this card is the Silent Sha-Vi and if you think there might be a monster under the bed then maybe it's her.

Silent Sha-Vi is a common card from the chaos legion edition that belongs to the death deck and this deck suits her perfectly as the Silent Sha-Vi for slow creeping deaths, feeding on the growing fear of its victims. But I think I've talked a lot about her story so I'll leave it for the end and now I'll talk about the card and its usefulness in splinterlands.

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She is a card with 5 mana cost and her attack is melee, but don't worry about her health because it is not the type of card that you will put in the first position but I will talk about it below along with the explanation of your skills.

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Its first Sneak skill and it makes Silent Sha-Vi attack the enemy card in last position, in addition it also allows Silent Sha-Vi to attack from any position, if you don't know melee cards they can only attack in first position but that can change if she has Sneak skills, so it's a great skill that allows you to have more melee cards on the field and also attacking the enemy card in the last position can give you a big advantage since the cards in that position tend to be a lot of work in the battle.

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Her second skill is Cripple, this skill makes Silent Sha-Vi make the enemy card that attacked lose 1 life, so in addition to causing a lot of damage she will still take +1 life with this skill, it's like she has +1 attack so it's a very useful skill for her.

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Its third and also final skill is Piercing and this skill causes excess damage dealt to a card that has a shield to be applied directly to the card's health. I will cite an example to explain better, let's assume that a card has 1 shield and it received the attack of a melee card that has 3 attack, the shield's function will be to block this attack regardless of the attack that the attacking card has then even if the card has only 1 shield it will defend the 3 attack of the other card and not lose any life and this makes it as if the 3 attack of the enemy card was just 1. But with the Piercing skill the game changes because the excess damage will be applied to health, so if a card has 3 attack and attacks one that has 1 shield it will remove the shield and still apply 2 damage to the health of the card hit, so Piercing is a great skill because makes shields less of a problem in battle.

Those are her skills but I bet you want to see her in a battle so I'll show you, but first I'll talk about the cards I chose for her.

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When choosing the summoner I chose Zintar Mortalis which is a summoner that takes 1 melee attack from enemy cards so it is quite useful and in the battle that I will show my opponent has a lot of melee cards so it was a good choice.

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In the first position I chose Cursed Windeku which is an excellent defensive card from the death deck, in addition it has the Thorns ability that does 2 damage when attacked by a melee card, so it's a good combination of attack and defense.

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In second position I chose Shadow Snitch which is also an excellent defensive card with low mana cost and has the Reach ability that allows you to attack from this position.

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In the third position I chose the Silent Sha-Vi which is a melee card that attacks the enemy cards of the last position with the Sneak ability so it will be very useful in this battle as I mentioned before.

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In fourth position I chose Boogeyman which is a card with magic attack and he has the Slow ability that makes enemy cards lose 1 speed, so it will be very useful to make your cards attack first and keep the advantage.

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In the fifth position I chose the Skeleton Assassin which is a melee card with the Sneak skill as well as the Silent Sha-Vi so it will be very useful in the battle attacking the enemy cards of the last position.

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In the sixth position we have the Haunted Spider which is a ranged card that has the Poison skill and this skill makes the Haunted Spider have a 50% chance to apply this effect and deal 2 damage to the card hit at the end of the turn, so the damage she can do is pretty high if she combines her attack with this ability.

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Now I will show Silent Sha-Vi in action in battle.


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As I mentioned before, my opponent has a lot of melee cards so my summoner will be very useful, but his summoner will give more advantage as it grants speed and shield, and the shield in this battle will be very important not only to block my attacks but also at the end of the turn when the Earthquake rule that deals 2 damage to all cards that don't have the Fly ability, then the shield will block that damage at the end of the turn for the cards that still have it.

In addition there is also the Equal Opportunity rule that makes all cards have the Opportunity skill so they will attack the lowest health card which is quite useful but makes Silent Sha-Vi's Sneak skill not very useful, but it's still a good thing because it's a better skill.

In this first turn I managed to defeat some of his cards and also take part of the shield from the cards as well, but I also ended up losing cards so I can't say who has the advantage in this battle.

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In the second round most of his cards lost their shields and were also defeated, I will have the numerical advantage but I can't say yet who will win or lose this battle.

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And in the third round we reached the final round and as you can see I have 3 cards and he only has 2, in addition I have more attack if you add the damage of the cards, but he still has a shield card that is problematic.

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And at the end of that round I get the win but if that goes on for 1 more round then I would lose or it would be a draw because of the Earthquake rule which would defeat my remaining cards.

It was a very exciting battle and I couldn't know who would win because even though I won it was a very tight battle, but in the end I managed to win and I wanted to show you this battle and also to participate in this week's challenge.

Now stick with the Silent Sha-Vi story and don't forget to look under your bed before you go to sleep because you never know if she's going to be there waiting for you.

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Silent Sha-vi are entities from the shadow realm that take the form of giant snakes. They travel in darkness and shadow as if each dark corner is a gateway that leads elsewhere. They have an appetite for slow and creeping deaths, feeding off the escalating fear of the victim. If you think there might be a monster under your bed, it's probably a Silent Sha-vi.
Tommy huddled beneath the covers in his bed, his room all the darker for lack of moonlight this night. The child knew there was a monster that crept within the house. He knew it. But his parents wouldn't listen. And tonight, just like the night before, he heard a sound underneath the bed.

Tommy remembered what his parents told him. To just look under his bed. Then he would realize he was safe.

The boy slowly sat up, his breath hitching in fear. His room seemed all the more frightening at night. Everything was shadow. Everything was a potential figure skulking in a corner, watching him.

He crawled to the edge of his bed and slowly lowered his head down. Heart pounding within his ears, he peered into the abyss underneath.

Two serpentine eyes peered back.

And Tommy screamed.


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