A Splinterlands battle with the Cruel Sethropod


Hello splinterlands players from around the globe. It's time for another share your battle, with a dweller from the sea:

The Cruel Sethropod


Introduced with the Chaos Legion expansion, is this little tank card from the Water splinter. I don't often use this card, but there are some rule-sets where it does have a good use case.

And with the new rewards system in place, where you get lower rewards playing with cards that you don't own or rent, you should at least pick own of the market for it's low price of $0.08 for a regular level 1. Or $2.25 for a gold foiled level 3.

Pro's, Con's and Rule set tactics


  • High defense, even on level 1.
  • Becomes a beast for 3 mana on level 7 and higher.


  • It has no extra abilities on any level.
  • Low attack and speed stats.

Where the Cruel Sethropod can really make a difference is in specific rule sets, and conditions.
Where to use:

  • Low mana cap games (like under 16)
  • equaliser.png Equaliser: Because every monster will get the same health as the highest one, this means you will get a great tank for low mana cost.
  • little_league.png Little League: With a cap of 4 mana per monster, this one will fit nicely.
  • super_sneak.png Super Sneak: Because every melee attacker get the sneak abillity, the Cruel Sethropod makes a great closer due to its defense

Where not to use:

  • Against magic teams on normal rule sets.
  • High mana cap games, because there are better cards to use as tank

The Battle


Link to the full battle

Battle details

The battle was played according to these rules:

  • Rule sets: Lost Magic and Super Sneak
  • Mana cap: 29
  • Tier: Gold 3

And my line-up consisted of the follow monsters and there levels, and why:

  • Summoner: Kelya Frendul
  • 1st line: Hardy Stonefish (level 3). Put this to get some breathing room for the other monsters to make use of sneak ability.
  • 2nd line: Creeping Ooze (level 7). On this level it has 3 health and 1 attack. And of course it's slow abillity.
  • 3rd line: Cruel Sethropod (level 3). Put here for it's armor.
  • 4th line: Deeplurker (level 3).
  • 5th line: Demented Shark (level 2). The combination of super sneak and Inspire made this a great addition to the team.
  • 6th line: Sea Monster (level 7): Put this one at the back, because on level 7 it has additional Thorn on top of it's heal.

Did it work?

Well, actually it didn't. A lot of my higher level cards got cancelled which i didn't notice. My opponent had a full team of level 7 monsters, which my team couldn't compete against.

At first i thought i had a chance at first, but after missing a lot of attacks in the first two rounds my team got thinned out of it's attackers real quick. Also the Scavo Hireling of my opponent did a great job repairing the defense on its closer, and i got wiped out real quick.

Would you use it again?

Yes, i still think that it can be a card of great use in games with Little League or something like equalizer or super-sneak as rule-set. And for it's price you should just pick one of the market.

I hope you enjoyed my entry for this weeks battle, and if you do, don't forget to like and follow!

Hope to see you in the next share your battle by @splinterlands!

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