🎮MY BATTLE Weekly Challenge! (DRAGONS)🎮

Hello guys,

Welcome to my splinterlands game new post. How is it going guys? Is everything OK? I am a player who plays splinterlands game and some blockchain game. Among them, Splinterlands game is one of my favorite blockchain games. I always participate in the splinterlands challenge almost every week. However, a week ago, I did not participate in this challenge. Today I will share my battle with dragon, which is the battle challenge of this week. This is my first challenge post for this week.


Rarity: Epic
Element: DRAGON

Battle Rule

  • Standard.
  • Mana Cost: 22 points
  • Available Element: All Elements. (Water, Earth, Life, Death, & Dragon)

Selecting cards for battle


  • For the summoner card, I used the DRAKE OF ARNAK card. The DRAKE OF ARNAK card costs only 4 points of mana and this card can increase the number of armor points on my team.

For the First Position: DJINN CHWALA card

  • For the first position, I used the DJINN CHWALA card. The DJINN CHWALA card costs 8 points of mana and this card contains 2 points of speed, 2 points of melee attack, 5 points of armor points and 9 points of lives.
  • The DJINN CHWALA card of ability is ' Thorns '. Thorns ability when hit with a melee attack, does damage back to the attacker.
  • In battles with a lot of mana points, I don't usually use this card as a main tank.
  • However, in this battle, I had to use DJINN CHWALA as my main tank due to low mana points.

For the second position: the KHMER PRINCESS card

  • For the second position, I used the KHMER PRINCESS card. The KHMER PRINCESS card costs only 2 points of mana and this card contains 1 point of magic attack, 1 point of speed and 2 points of lives.
  • I chose dragon summoner as the summoner for this battle, but I chose earth unit for the unit.
  • The reason I chose the KHMER PRINCESS card is because in this battle I want to use not only melee attack but also magic attack, so I chose that card.

For the third Position: GOBLIN PSYCHIC

  • For the third position, I used the GOBLIN PSYCHIC card. The GOBLIN PSYCHIC card costs 6 points of mana and this card contains 5 points of lives, 1 point of speed and 2 points of magic.
  • I think the magic attack on the GOBLIN PSYCHIC monster will also be useful in this battle.
  • The GOBLIN PSYCHIC card of ability is ' Tank Heal '. Despite the low speed count of GOBLIN PSYCHIC, I like the ability this card has.
  • The ability from this monster can also help the main tank a lot, so I chose this card for the third position.

For the fourth Position: the FAILED SUMMONER card

  • For the fourth position, I used the FAILED SUMMONER card. The FAILED SUMMONER card costs only 2 points of mana and this card contains 4 points of lives and 2 point of speed.
  • The FAILED SUMMONER of ability is ' Magic Reflect '.
  • After I picked up to third position, I only had 2 mana points left, so I picked this card.

Battle Rounds






In this battle the enemy uses a fire quest and I use dragon quest. The enemy chose the PYRE card for the summoner card. I chose DRAKE OF ARNAK for the summoner. The enemy summoner card increases the speed point of all the cards on his team. My summoner card increases the armor points of the cards on my team. This battle was a bit difficult for me because the enemy team was very strong. However, my team was able to defeat the enemy due to the combination of DJINN CHWALA and GOBLIN PSYCHIC cards. DJINN CHWALA card has been very useful for me. That's it for today. Thank you so much for reading my post to the end. See you soon in a new post. Bye Bye.


@winelay 🍇


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