First impressions from SplinterForge

For the GAME

SplinterForge will be a boss game where you can use your Splinterlands cards and fight different kind of bosses -Bronze,Silver,Gold and Diamond.

For example when you fight the Bronze boss you can use max level bronze cards, when you fight the silver-max level silver cards and ect.

Every boss has different abilities , most of the abilities are the same as in Splinterlands, few are removed and others are changed to a new abilities that gives your monster 1.5 dmg that it usually do.

In addition to your cards you can use a HERO/warrior,wizard,ranger/.They can be equiped with sets and weapons that gives you extra stats.

ScreenHunter_1761 Nov. 23 10.15.jpg
This is the base stats of my hero

ScreenHunter_1761 Nov. 23 10.14.jpg
And this is with some items.

Keep in mind that those are legendary items and i combine all the legendary items from 4 accounts to get these ones. So there will be a lot of grinding to get items like those.

Plus you have stamina which at the beginning is 200 and you can waste it all in 4 battles. It regains again faster than Capture rate in Splinterlands and you can buy extra permanent stamina in the market.

The teams that you make to fight a boss must contain 2 summoners and up to 7 monster cards, the mana cap is set to 45 but there are Gems/runes that can be put on your champion's items.

Note: I can't tell you if you use the GEM on one item and then remove it to put another one if the first one is burned or not. Sometimes it disappeared, and sometimes it stays in the inventory.

ScreenHunter_1761 Nov. 23 10.08.jpg

This is a picture from an actual battle.
I have gem that gives you 12+ mana so my mana cap is 57
I do not know if this is a bug or not but you can use your melee monsters from the back.
This boss on the picture above is bronze league boss.
The most that i've ''drain'' from Boss's Hp was about 90+ HP vs Gold Boss
and here i made like 150 Hp.


I've played it for 2 days combine time like an hour but i've seen some issues already.
First of all the server is a little bit laggy and when the battles start you can see the ''lagginess'' .
Keep in mind that this is a testing server with no more than 100 participants.
Second of all i hope the packs aren't very expensive or they give you something like a starter alpha crates (the equivalence of packs)help.
The Currency is FORGE in the game its Forgium and you need 3000 Forge for 1 crate and you get ...

ScreenHunter_1761 Nov. 23 10.39.jpg
...that much from battles and if you can play up to 4-5 battles every couple of hours it will be impossible for an average joe to get much better in the game or to have fun for more than 10 minutes every day.
There are potions for stamina but 1 potion starts from 250 forges.
The items that you saw above on the Hero i made from 400000 forges + 400crates and 400 enhancement bags(the one that gives you gems) which is roughly another 5 600 000 forges.
So the total amount of forges is about 6 million forges with price 0.00071999hive on the hive-engine or about 4,319.94 hive tokens in the current market this is a little bit above 1500$. And this is just for one Hero 1st level legendary gear and you have 3 heroes.
I do not want to sound pecemistic but they need to change something in order to get players to play this game.
I saw one of the team members in the last Splinterlands's Town Hall , i know they build it from nothing and without much help but i think they need to change few things before start earning good money.

In conclusion

I like it and i might spent a couple of dollars in it. But if there is no airdrop for splinterlands players or some benefits that helps you get ahead and develop your Hero it will be a game for the leaderboards and trust me most of the Splinterlands players do not have the extra money to end up in another game's leaderboards so they can earn from it.

Personal Appeal to the team please make Nartor's picture better , the other 3 are cool drawings and he looks like Shrek with an axe that's added with remove background app.