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Let's go to today's Battle Mage Secrets event, the rule chosen was CounterSpell this was the one that took me the least time to find, and I still managed to win, I made a very amateurish mistake in the line-up, but the end was happy for me.




COUNTERSPELLAll monsters have the Magic Reflect ability.

This is a very nice rule, because it doesn't prevent monsters with magic attack to participate in the game, but all units will have Magic Reflect ability, with this, very fragile magic monsters are almost unfeasible to play, the more robust ones like Djinn Oshanuss can handle this problem.
A good strategy is to simply avoid units with magic damage and low HP to prevent them from killing themselves with their own damage, a good option is to use monsters with ranged attacks instead of mages, preferably those with close range.

I will list below the best and worst skills to face this rule in my humble opinion 😃.

Best Skills

ability_amplify.pngAmplifyVery useful this ability with this rule, if your opponent insists on using a unit with magic damage he will suffer even more.
ability_heal.pngHealAn excellent ability for almost any situation, here it can also have its uses in recovering the lost HP of units with magic damage, practically neutralizing Magic Reflect.
ability_protect.pngProtectSince there should be many more units with physical damage than magic, this ability will help to ignore at least one such hit.
ability_shield.pngShieldSame thing as armor, as there will be a chance that more units will appear with physical damage than magic, this extra protection will be extremely useful.
ability_triage.pngTriageDo you really need to use magic damage with your back line? This skill solves the problem, because it will heal the damage that the magical unit took from the reflect, beware, it only works on the back line.

Worst Skills

ability_magic-reflect.pngMagic ReflectAll units will already have this skill, if you are thinking of placing a unit just because of this skill you better think of another option😂.
ability_phase.pngPhaseIt's not a horrible skill for this rule, because it still has a chance to appear robust units with magic damage in the match, but it will be very difficult to happen, and other skills can be put in its place.
ability_silence.pngSilenceYou have a good chance of having almost no magic units in this match, so this damage reduction may not be that useful.


⚔️ My Team ⚔️


A match with 37 mana and only the CounterSpell rule, with this amount of mana I had enough freedom to choose my team, and I avoided as much as possible to put units with magic damage in the match, I even made a mistake here, it was not so serious as to make me lose the match.
Kelya Frendul_lv5.pngSummoner : It will be excellent in a match like this because it has almost no magic attacks, bonuses on armor and speed, I will need nothing else.
Diemonshark_lv5.pngTank : A very offensive Tank, that hits like a steamroller if it is enraged, if the opponent places some unit with magic damage it will help it to activate this effect faster.
Deeplurker_lv6_gold.pngOff-Tank: I usually put this unit more protected, as it is one of the best hunters in the modern format, as it had the most HP after the tank, I chose to leave in the second position.
Venari Wavesmith_lv5_gold.pngSuport: My mistake, I focused on getting more armor for my line-up and forgot that it attacked with magic damage 😅.
Merdaali Guardian_lv5.pngSuport : I love this Merdaali, heals HP and even repairs armor, makes a great duo with Alvar or DiemonShark.
Axemaster_lv4.pngDPS: Excellent for damaging the opponent's units, hits 2x per turn with excellent damage, almost always present in my line-up.
Kulu Swimhunter_lv6_gold.pngDPS: Good damage and low mana cost, needs nothing else to be useful, I like it a lot 😄.


🤜The Battle 🤛


Analyzing the match: My opponent came with only one magical unit, but a very resistant one, the only apparent advantage I have is the armor and the speed of my summoner, which seems to have some advantage over his.

Round 1 - The forceshield ability of Oshanuss practically nullified the monstrous damage of the Diemonshark, my Venari Wavesmith can eliminate the Djinn but takes 1 damage for reflection and is still poisoned 😅.


Round 2 - Venari Wavesmith dies early in the round due to poison, almost halfway through the round my Axe Master eliminates the opponent's powerful Deepluker, almost at the end my Diemonshark takes Uraeus out of the game and in the last move my Deepluker knocks out the opponent's Merdaali, I now have a good advantage.


Round 3 - And finally the victory came, my opponent only had two units against my almost intact army, right at the beginning AxeMaster knocks out Supply Runner, then it was just waiting for the Turtle to be eliminated for me to leave with the victory.


🎊 Conclusion 🎊

As you can see the biggest problem with this rule is putting fragile units with magic damage, I made a big mistake putting Venari Wavesmith in play where it died at the beginning of the second round, when the unit is more robust it will be worth putting it on the field.
It's an easy rule to control, the best alternatives to replace your back-line mages are melee cards (sneak and opportunity) and any unit with distance damage.


Game Link: Splinterlands


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