It’s Raining Tokens in Steem Engine

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This morning I opened my Steem Engine Wallet and I had more coins then when I went to bed, and they were new coins!
Very sizable amounts of Good Gaming coins, Geek Coins, Spliterlands, STEEMSPEAK, BATTLE, MEEP, JAHM, MULA, AAA and Sportstalk tokens.

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Now your probable wondering how I got all these new tokens?

Well, good question.
This is my understanding, but only the Token and Tribe creators know for sure 🤣
I got PAL tokens for being active on Steemit and powering up my Steem to SteemPower.
I had to “claim” my PAL by the deadline announced when they gave them out.
It was a “claim drop” not an airdrop. A new way of giving out cryptocurrency that requires action on your part.
I “Staked” my PAL tokens, which the new token documentation and introductory article indicate was the reason I was air dropped tokens from these other new coin projects and this air drop is in fact an invitation to join their communities or “Tribes’ which is the new name for communities which have their own Token.

Why should you care? That’s a good question.
Your probably thinking that your involved with the Steem community or Steem Tribe.
Your right. So why would you care about these other communities and their air drops?

In my humble opinion, three things ;

  1. The tribes or communities are bringing people into the Steem ecosystem,who weren’t here before.
    Those people are coming because they are joining communities which are focused on the things which the newbies are interested in, for example;
    Steemleo; people who are interested in investing.
    Splinterlands people interested in mainly Steem-monsters.
    Battle people interested in Steem-monsters but general gaming.
    SteemCoinPan people in the Korean community interested in cryptocurrency.

  2. The tribes or communities are making it easier for people to find what they are looking for, by signing into a specific website, the website filters out all the articles on things your not interested in and allows you to focus on the posts you like.

  3. Money.
    Yes, I know it sounds less good, but you need to know that all these new tokens value is based on Steem. So you use Steem to buy them and when you sell them, you get Steem!

So this brilliant project Steem Engine, which we have to Thank @harpagon, @yabapmatt, @aggroed for this new development on Steem blockchain.

It’s raining coins my friends and those coins are not only worth Steem, but if you keep them and stake them (power them up) they get you other coins. So in a paraphrase of that popular Mexican beer commercial, where the actor tells you to stay thirsty, I advise you to “Stay Staked My Friend”.



Have You heard about Steemleo? A community for investors or people who want to learn about investing!


Read More Below


Steemit News Report

There is a new coin ( the Leo ) and a new community (Steem Leo) which provides a place where all posts concerning investment can be shared. This community provides an opportunity for all the smart investors on Steemit to exchange knowledge and learn from each other. This community will be an exciting one as investing in cryptocurrency is unique from other investing in terms of logistics and the different time frame for return on your investments. Plus the varying lockup periods for capitol. Steemleo is an opportunity to network with people who not only love investing, but also those with expertise in cryptocurrency investing who are willing to share their knowledge, but with the added bonus of being on on a platform that features next-generation characteristics.

Steemleo and tokens like it, are often referred to as second-Layer Blockchain Solution
The LEO token is built on or operates on top of Steem-Engine, which operates on top of the Steem blockchain. With the Steem blockchain powering it all, we are able to have a token, distribute that token to miners and users alike and have instant liquidity on the Steem-Engine decentralized exchange.



More information from the creators of Steem Leo:

  • Steemleo is a community for investing content
  • Steemleo Airdropped over 1.7 Million LEO to PAL stakeholders
  • You can buy and sell both the Token LEO and virtual Token miners LEOM and LEOMM virtual miners on the Steem Engine DEX in limited quantities
  • Steem Leo also has a video blog option called
  • When your not blogging from the Steemleo website, use Tag "steemleo" in your posts to earn LEO and STEEM rewards!
  • Sign up early as that’s when payouts are larger.



“Stay Staked My Friend”

I heard that in the voice of the commercial :)

There is no reason not to use the tribe tags on posts that are relevant to that tribe. It gives everyone an extra earning option to do so.

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I agree. I have seen them on comments also, which makes me wonder if those wil get upvotes also?
I guess there’s only one way to find out. Read the white paper or....just do it 😂

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If you tag a comment and a person that has said coined staked upvotes you then you will earn some of that coin. For example i have BATTLE Staked, if you click the below link it will take you to the battle interface and it shows you have 32 BATTLE from the upvote I just gave.

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I heard that voice also!
Good post to remind us.

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I staked my PAL tokens without even knowing what it would bring me. LOL. Also, I noticed that for my latest Actifit report there is now also a " zzan" tag mentioned, which I did not put there. Seems like the Actifit app is doing this for me.
Also it seems like I got different tokens:


I did only stake the PAL and LEO tokens.

Interesting that actifit is doing that
#zzan is a coin for a Korean community
#zzan #palnet #actifit

Greetings @shortsegments

Interesting publication on the Steemit ecosystem and the tribes that derive from it.

The economy in the community grows as the areas of influence are diversified.

Thank you for transmitting your analysis and vision on the situation of the new currencies

I appreciate your comment.

Good news thanks for sharing.

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Your welcome. I hope you profit from Staking.
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Its very interesting. I will try it. Thank u , Sir.

Your welcome. I hope you profit from staking.
#spt #battle #palnet #aaa #steemleo #sct

hmm, valuable knowledge, thanks for your post...interested to learn more @shortsegments

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Your welcome, you should also tag your posts with tribe tags to get upvotes from tribe upvote bots if the post has something to do with the tribe. Splinterlands does manual checking and downvotes posts with the tag which aren’t about Steemmonsters.

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Steem engine is giving us the opportunity to trade these tokens. Thats great. We can exchange any of this with steem and vice verse through steem engine.

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