Working On This Abundance Stuff

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A Little History

My posting to Steem dropped to zero long ago. This has been due to personal issues, not a loss of confidence in the platform or because of low Steem prices. Just your normal life getting in the way type of stuff. Over the last several months my financial situation has shifted drastically to the red. I've started to feel like I'm drowning in debt.

Sorting It All Out

By my estimation, I need an additional $2100.00 a month. Of course I would also like to replace my current income. in addition to these goals, I'd like to get my wife set up in splinterlands.

What Are My Options?

More overtime - This is laughable. In order to make the extra money I require a additional 30 hours of work. This simply isn't an option for me. Also, part of my stated goal is to eventually replace my current income. Working 80 hours a week is not an option.

Sales on Amazon, eBay, or other sites- While I like this option I lack two things I need to make this work, inventory and capital.

Freelance work on fiver or similar sites- This option is one I like also and will certainly be part of the solution, but multiple incomes is the name of the game.

Earning crypto on Steem- I have always believed that Steem is the broke man's best option for securing an income after the financial revolution that is around the corner. The only limit its how much work you are willing to put in. I simply have to make time and put in the work,. This is imperative.

Can I Be Your Pal?

It seems that now is the perfect time to reenter this sphere because a group of fun loving anarchist have basically decided to double my money for me. I've been familiar with PAL for quite a while now and I have always agreed with the ethics of the organization, but I have never sought membership. This is partly just because I despise discord. I no longer have the luxury of hanging back. The time has come for me to involve myself in the new projects on Steem.

Obvious First Steps

I have some new tags to post under. I will posting under multiple tags on all posts. In addition to #pal I'll be posting under #spt because part of my goal is to buy my wife a splinterlands account and get it a little built up before I give it to her. Also, as an avid weed smoker, I'll also be posting under #weedcash.

The next steps I'm not so sure about. I'll be trying to earn enough to make a delegation to msp, that much I know. I'll also be trying to find a balance between using some earnings to increase my available cash (and weed), staking, and other investments.

More To Come

You can expect to see regular updates on these goals as well as whatever else I feel like posting.

If you would like to help me get rich please give this an upvote, and a resteem.