SBI/SM Cards #021: Season Highlight Challenge

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Hello Everyone!

I am back again with the 21th edition of SBI contest

Before I move ahead with the contest, I'd like to say something... Actually, I think It'll better if I made a post to announce the winners of all the contests I host in a week. coz Sunday is a kind of thing which u can spend without any hassle. Hope you also like that...

In this contest, to enter you need to share a screenshot of a Season Highlight to date and choose your prize (either SBI or 6 SM cards)... Additionally, you can tag someone who might be interested in the contest.

We'll be following Contest Kings rules in the giveaways

  • No Upvote
  • No Resteem
  • No Follow

Additionally rules you need to follow for the contest

  • Pick the prizes you would like from the below list.
  • username on which you want the rewards to be sent.
  • Attach the screenshot of this season.
  • Tag your friends who might be interested in the giveaway (optional).
  • The winner will be announced after post payout.

Prizes to choose from

  • Frozen Soldier
  • Delwyn Dragonscale
  • Divine Healer
  • Pit Ogre
  • 1 SBI Share

Other Contests/Giveaway you can Participate

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Also, I created an invite list for this contest, if you don't want to be included in that list please let me know via comment. Thanks
@aggamun, @che-shyr, @chekohler, @chireerocks, @darthgexe, @erixink, @gamemods, @gillianpearce, @javiermurillo, @mmunited, @muscara, @onestopfacts, @philippekiene, @roshne, @ryan600


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I wonder how you can make a screenshot of a season highlight. 🤔 Might be I misunderstood but I have no idea what to do. What is a "season highlight"?

un, a season highlight could be like a tournament u won, or like ur winning streak, etc....

@voxmortis - Promotion Discord Server. Join the group via the link in the post -upvote a post in the list and leave your link.

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Okay I understand. My only "highlight" was my escape from hospital. I did not win anything. I doubt I ever did in my life. 🤔.
I assume with a svreenshot you mean.a photo?
Good luck with the contest and thanks for explaining. 👍🏻💕

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by the way that's not what i mean...
I was like a highlight in the splinterlands game...sorry i didnt mentioned earlier...

but thanks next giveaway i am gonna do about real time highlights like the one u just said...🙂🙂

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Sorry I misunderstood again. Now I understand the printscreen. I wish you a great Saturday. Have a !BEER with me. Cheers! 👍💕

Hey @iampolite, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

SM cards.


*Hard times in the silver league lol.

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I got 3rd place today in this tournament.