❄️Happy Monday Snowed In Day to Blog On Appics/Steemit & Play Splinterlands, Woo ...

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... t!❄️🌨️( 4 New Photos Just Taken!) We got so much snow overnight, the roads are closed and it is still snowing!!🌨️🥶❄️ At least it's warmer out when it's snowing and I get to spend more time with all of you! Have a great week everyone, and Drive Safe!! 🥶❄️🌨️


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I love the snow, its much warmer only -2 today instead of usually -10 or -15!!I just dont like driving of shoveling it, LOL! Hows the weather where you are!? Please Comment And I will SEE YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD!







All Photos Taken and Created By Me From our Homestead up In the Mountains of SNOWY British Columbia Canada @karenmckersie , On My Google Pixel 2 XL Cell Phone, Check my new phones Specs. Here:"

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HAHAHA, I Love the snow just dont like to drive in it or shovel it, lol!❄⛄😂

Wow! This is so good to be true 💓

Haha thanks for stopping by, it never seems to stop snowing up here in the mountains!!⛄❄😂

Looking so white and beautiful!

Thanks for your awesome reply! Its still snowing and we are expecting more overnight and tomorrow!

Wow, that is a lot of snow. Can you drive with the weather like that?

Thanks for your kind reply and support its much appreciated! No we can not drive we are Snowed In! the roads have not been plowed because it keeps snowing, once it stops they will plow, lol, it could be a while, haha!!