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(Speaking today) To be completely honest with you, I’m not really feeling it right now, considering kinda’ phoning this one in...didn’t get too much of anything done really yesterday, so taking a hard hit on my productivity and another hard hit to my health in that my tooth that I had drilled on Saturday has seriously started hurting me. 🤬😭 It’s a sorry state of affairs when you’re hoping it’s just infected. Really don’t want to have to go back to the dentist for yet another week in a row, but also don’t want to leave it too long since it’s already bad enough to consume my thoughts. Might have to do another root canal, or the alternative is bloody asshole and serious anal pain from the antibiotics killing all my gut bacteria and giving me constipated diarrhea. 😢🤕

(Speaking yesterday) Up at five today, which is a bit better than the last couple, but still more than an hour and a half short. I don’t recall napping, but the days are blurred together somewhat, so there’s an element of doubt there. Regardless, it is catching up to me.

The morning routine was pretty routine except for the fact that everyone seems to have bailed out the The Man Cave, barely anyone around all day...I think they’re over in the CINE server, but I’m not going to chase them around servers like a little puppy dog.

Bitcoin (and basically all cryptos) took a hard hit today, big red candles. At least there was a slight rise in volume, but still, that’s only relative...on the rather low side of normal historically.

I spent even more time, despite having given up on it several times already, trying to get my CUB to stake in the den. I used Trust wallet before and though I might have better success with Metamask. I got the Metamask app, got the wallet activated and going with funds in, connected to BSC after getting the URL and contract info, got the wallet connected, hit the “approve contract” button and again nothing happened. Tried again with Trust wallet, because that’s NOT the definition of insanity 😝 and same thing. I’ve already put way more time into trying to get it to work and failing than it’s ever going to be worth, so I’m just going to sit for a bit and hope I can dump them off on somebody peer to peer.

Spent yet another inordinate amount of time shifting and staking H-E tokens and then did my post for the day. That was basically the morning gone (similar to most mornings recently).

I did create a new page for the site, but that was only like thirty seconds worth of work. It was progress in the sense that I got logged in and created the page through the phone...means I can work on it more or less anywhere and any time. Starting to resent myself a little for obligating myself to so much work and so many tasks that I don’t yet know how to accomplish, but ultimately it’s I that will have the satisfaction of having created and built something (hopefully successful), and so far, the only promises or investment that have been made are to me and by me...nobody else has spent any money or time or effort, so at least I’m not obligated to them.

I suppose one argument in favor of the notion that I didn’t take a nap was that in the afternoon I did head out for a short walk. Being short as it was, it was actually a lot longer than I had planned. I was just going to go around the block (literally), but I added a few more blocks to that.

Did a loop around downtown and then stopped over at mom’s house for a few minutes.




Still a bit colder out than I’d really like, but the sun was shining occasionally though the clouds and it felt good to get the blood flowing a little.



The sun definitely had me beat out today, stackin’!


Ran into this guy. It might have been Mr. Chubbles, it’s a ways from where he was, but I haven’t seen him there in forever and he was a chunkster like him and behaved like him...not in the least scared of me and then popped a pose for a photo:


Got back and jacked in for a while. Played a few songs on Beat Saber and scored a couple new high scores on expert+. Then I got a new game: Cosmodread. It’s a sci-fi rougelite that’s procedurally generated. I like it and it is clearly has a ton of replay value, but similar to Crashland, it’s wicked hard and gets a little frustrating. Ammo is super rare and there doesn’t seem to be any health and even the weakest dudes take three shots in the’s rough, have only been able to get about 20% exploration complete on a run.

Grabbed another sandwich for dinner (had two ham sandwiches today) and a Twinkie for a sugar buzz, sat down and watched some TV with Wenche until we both headed to bed around nine or so, not bad, adult time.

Well, guess I ended up doing the post anyway. That’s fine, I feel better about posting an actual blog than just the skeleton of one. I try to keep them at least five hundred words, but they seem to be growing in length. Now I seem to be able to achieve at least a thousand words a day, whether I’m actually saying anything or just filling chain space is up to you.

No crime or crises in my dCity today, which is fantastic! But did it matter? Nope. Taxes went up even more and I’m back below 100 SIM even though I should be closer to 300. [why isn’t there a friggin’ criminal emoji? There’s like a robot arm and cryogenically frozen people and cops...what’s the deal?!]

I have been getting hit up by dCity rewarding and I really appreciate it, but I’m not exactly sure why. Only reason I worry about it is I’d like to keep doing whatever it is that keeps those votes going...I think it might just be gerber throwing me a bone to be nice.


I did receive more today than it says I should...pretty sure that’s the result of the change in taxes this time?


Continuing to hold strong and get all my Holybread tasks done. 💪 Got the gold I need for potion refills and a few days left, so just trying to build up extra for stats.


Still a lot of back and forth up here, but I ended up on the top of the heap today! 🏆 I guess abachon is inactive because I got the first place vote for the day! 🤑



Guess I went crazy with a flurry of CryptoBrewmaster brews when they made more water available. Still haven’t been able to get back all the ingredients I need. Only one more now, but I’m not sure it’s available at the moment. Otherwise, just the same balance and stuff.


I guess I kind of petered out on playing Splinterlands. Had that burst of playing for like a week and now it just doesn’t hold any appeal. There’s still a few days left in the season, would be nice to have some more chests... but then I remind myself what most of those chests contain.


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Longest Streak: 5

Highest Floors: 120

Highest Daily Points: 41,528

Zombies evaded: 0/0

Mindfulness Diary:

Health: 88%
Satisfaction: 84%
Energy: 82%
Productivity: 60%







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I’m exhausted reading all that, let alone doing it! And I thought I was busy. I hate toothache - worst in the word hope you get it sorted. You’ve got a good spread of blockchain games - and mirror my feelings on all of them!

Yeah, worst part is: that tooth didn't hurt before we started drilling on it. 😢

Not sure they’re really “games” per se, but they’re what’s available now...I’m a sucker for anything that earns me HIVE. 🤑

Thanks so much for stopping by, dropping a comment and giving me a boost, I really appreciate it! 😁


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