The Bank of Neoxian: October 2019 update, APR: 6.25%

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Hello city folks, it's time for me to give my monthly bank report.

APR is 6.25%

The Federal Reserve has lowered their rate again, but my rate remains at 6.25%.

Lower liquidity

My liquidity as suffered a bit this month. It seems I have had to tell clients several times "I don't have enough money to lend at the moment.".

One problem is that some of my clients are paying me back in Neoxag rather then Steem, which is fine, I want to support my fledgling currency, but, since no one wants to borrow Neoxag (and I can't dump it), the result is lower liquidity.

My Bank is taking a small hit to support the Tribe.

Not to worry though, I'm still giving loans, many loans are to repeat trusted customers lately, and I've not been making posts for them. You see them if you peek at my transactions.

Tribe and Neoxag - the halving

The biggest news this month with my tribe is that I cut the print rate in half. It's mentioned in the city paper here:

This move was intended to benefit anyone who was currently holding the currency at the time. Hopefully this is the last "major" change in the currency for now.

Also the planned miner drop of 5 neoxagm miners to Tribe Team members and citizens happened Oct 20th.

The Guild of Neoxian

We managed to increase the size of the Tribe Splinterlands guild to level 10, the max level. Though the guild probably isn't a direct money maker, it is an important for the Splinterlands ecosystem, which the Bank supports. And it's fun, so why not?

Depositor Report

DepositorAmountCurrencyMonthly InterestNew Amount
  • Numbers rounded for display purposes

Until next time, may the banks be with you.


nice to see my name listed there.
keep on going neo.

Neoxian Crypto banks never runs dry, just loving this the idea and concept behind it.

Really great work continuously and supplying to the demand of steemians ;)

Wow it's great while all market drops, BoN still pays 6.25% APR! That's a great thing!


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