The Diamond Dragon Bank of Neoxian: daily contracts: 2019-12-19

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The Bank of Neoxian shall loan the sum of 1200 usd to @zaku. He promises to repay 1300 usd in three months time.

The Bank will pay the 1200 usd in BTC to 3C37KewHJJtn9mCpfHBqTvhGqFti5VvwEv.

The money amounts are in terms of USD, but are transacted in Steem, SBD, or other crypto. The website shall be used to determine the prices for purposes of payment. will be used for the price of tokens (will be an average of the buy and sell price).

To insure payment of the loan, @zaku shall offer up the following Splinterlands cards:

Elemental PhoenixG1-11-FJI9R96DUO
Frost GiantG1-22-SUNGH7C0DC
Spirit of the ForestG1-33-X1CMTMOMNK
Angel of LightG1-44-J0NLIONKCW
Lord of DarknessG1-55-B4NGHSMW6O

Cards shall be returned upon successful completion of the loan.

Please sign below..

(pic from Splinterlands game)
NOTE: Diamond dragon is not one of the collateral cards, I just like the picture.


I am signing this contract. Thanks for the loan.

~ @zaku


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Unsigned :O

What does that mean?

Your text says 'please sign below', but I don't see anything from the loanee?

Zaku has written a comment. It voted to the top and hard to miss.

Oh, my bad.

Those are some interesting loan terms, cards instead of private keys :^)

This is a good one, offering timely financial help!

dragon roaring all the way :) congratulation on the deal !

Nice terms for both parties.

Much obliged for the support. Happy Holidays as well.

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