The Draykh-Nahka Bank of Neoxian: daily contracts: 2019-06-24

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The Bank of Neoxian shall loan the sum of 500 usd to @flauwy. He promises to repay 550 usd. He shall pay 42.30 usd per week until 550 usd is reached (13 weeks expected). The first payment shall be July 2nd, 2019.

The money amounts are in terms of USD, but are transacted in Steem, SBD, or other crypto. The website shall be used to determine the prices for purposes of payment.

@flauwy shall offer up the following cards as collateral:

  • Gold Foil Red Dragon (BCX 1): G2-117-LVUB6M4NIO
  • Regular Foil Shin-Lo (BCX 4): C2-77-8N6MU5GHXC

These cards shall be returned when the loan is completely paid.

Please sign below...

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I sign the contract.

Congratz for this contract too! Seen you got valuable two cards!


Cheers to enjoy a plenty of good money man. 👍

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I like the FACT that I Could do Business in the Future if I Choose to Do So With my Steemmonsters Cards...................

The Bank of Neoxian ROCKS !!!

Nice deal cracked for the day ... congratulations : )

Thanks for the support. Curated and voted on PalNet.

Greetings friend