Splinterlands is Trending Up!

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Stats are cool, if you're a nerd like me.

A data collection project manager by trade, I spend enough time looking at data so I'll rarely bring it here to the STEEM chain. But this stat we cant ignore ->

Daily Active Users: 2,094

On July 1st @splinterlands had a peak of 2,094 active players, the highest number we've seen in the last 5 months going back to the end of January. As you can imagine the Team at Splinterlands has been hard at work churning out updates that have clearly had a significant positive impact on the game, I know the work is never finished but congrats on this!

Active Users: 8,623

Also a performance metric that should be watched closely, an active player base that is approaching the 10,000 mark!

All stats are from @rafalski's tool which can be found here.

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Cool stats, splinterlands/steemmonsters has come a long way rather quickly.

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Agreed, and that last update with DEC and new reward cards was a hit for the game,., Looking forward to the mobile app!

Thank you for the info on where you got the stats!

Yeah that's a great site, lots of good info there.