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Quick post to say we're all unbelievably excited about this brand spanking new Video Platform!

Less than 24 hours from going live and our video platform is already populated with awesome gaming content from our community of talented content creators, and it's only going to get better from here!

BATTLE Token - Now would be the time to pick up some tokens if you haven't already, we're in for the long haul! BATTLE is the underlying currency for both of our social platforms and The future is bright!

Post rewards from our social platform will start going out within the next 24 hours, stake those bad boys and earn as a curator! Earn as a content creator or earn as a curator, that's the name of the game. Both add incredible value to our network of platforms and the gaming community.

Thank you all for the early support of our fledgling social platforms!

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Yas! We're fueling the ship!

Great news... Lets make BATTLE great! :)

100% Let's go!

Greetings, @battlegames

Excelente initiative. It will help a much people on steem blockchain that have your totally focus on games( play games), both in and out of this plataform.

I will post some videos there.

thank you and have a good night!!!

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There's a great community of gamers here on the STEEM chain, I think many will take pride in having a place just for them!

Its going to be EPIC @battlegames !! I just bookmarked the !😎👍👹
Upped and resteemed + = EPIC!!! Haha thanks for the continued support Karen!

Lol, glad you liked that, your welcome!😎👍

That is awesome @battlegames. I am starting to think I am way behind the times and should start recording my game play.

Thanks @tryskele! and well if you do end up recording your gaming, you've got a home for it here!

Great, I'm going for some battles, see you in battle!

This is really initiative , We are going higher with this.

This is going to be the best! I love this so much!